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  1. Had to leave early but the fight vs foe was fucked... they need to fix the loading screen already
  2. Stewbert

    weekend Rage Saturday Marathon / Ft100 v FI

    had to head to work early looked like fun
  3. Stewbert

    cwa Rage Vs Fatality | F2P Prep [2-1]

  4. Stewbert

    weekend Rage's Saturday Ownage

    had a blast great trip
  5. Stewbert

    Rage Vs Fearless | 2-0 Sets | F2P

  6. I’ll be back soon bears
  7. Stewbert

    weekend Rage Sunday Own / Nonstop Action

    Pkeru wipes back to front and thinks it’s normal
  8. Stewbert

    First nrg, now divine?

    Vendetta reopening baby we all in
  9. Stewbert

    @Damage Control

    Are you Donald Trump? Lying about numbers lol... never the less looked like fun brother man
  10. Stewbert

    weekend [IMT] Immortal Sunday Domination - Ft. Energy

    I’m joining imt
  11. Stewbert

    trumpino here

    Fearless woohooo.. outburst made them close into eop lolol
  12. Stewbert


    I’m bout to come out retirment
  13. Stewbert

    weekend F2P Hybrids Pk Trip - 6 years strong family baby

    We ain’t ded just on to bridding max pures
  14. Stewbert

    Warbow Kills Skill Specs

    We still around fam in vendetta ts.. reminds me of outburst
  15. Stewbert

    The tale of purge....

    I enjoyed
  16. outburst on my chest cuhhhhh