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  1. Stewbert

    First nrg, now divine?

    Vendetta reopening baby we all in
  2. Stewbert

    @Damage Control

    Are you Donald Trump? Lying about numbers lol... never the less looked like fun brother man
  3. Stewbert

    weekend [IMT] Immortal Sunday Domination - Ft. Energy

    I’m joining imt
  4. Stewbert

    trumpino here

    Fearless woohooo.. outburst made them close into eop lolol
  5. Stewbert


    I’m bout to come out retirment
  6. Stewbert

    weekend F2P Hybrids Pk Trip - 6 years strong family baby

    We ain’t ded just on to bridding max pures
  7. Stewbert

    Warbow Kills Skill Specs

    We still around fam in vendetta ts.. reminds me of outburst
  8. Stewbert

    The tale of purge....

    I enjoyed
  9. outburst on my chest cuhhhhh

  10. Stewbert

    pure/pkri Purge vs BP 25 vs 25 PKRI - FT Audio

    Low riders #1
  11. Looking to join an lpc that plays runescape after they get off work around 9 eastern time 

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    2. Warbow


      My fucking night stew! Sick of those stupid 4nrs?

  12. looking to be a plus one in a lpc.. I’ll come when I can come but cbf posting on sites and bullshit 

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    2. Dynamic


      i mean misfits forums are completely dead so you'll blend in well there

    3. Stewbert


      I’ll look into it @Dynamic 

    4. Warbow


      @Stewbert can I be a duo package with you?