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Status Updates posted by Stewbert

  1. outburst on my chest cuhhhhh

  2. Looking to join an lpc that plays runescape after they get off work around 9 eastern time 

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    2. Warbow


      My fucking night stew! Sick of those stupid 4nrs?

  3. looking to be a plus one in a lpc.. I’ll come when I can come but cbf posting on sites and bullshit 

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    2. Dynamic


      i mean misfits forums are completely dead so you'll blend in well there

    3. Stewbert


      I’ll look into it @Dynamic 

    4. Warbow


      @Stewbert can I be a duo package with you?

  4. Foe on my chest cuhhh

  5. Fearless kids so mad lalo closed their clan they rag ob.. don’t be mad at us bc ur eops bitch clan

    1. Knox


      you mad your clan is dead lool

  6. Want to join a community that doesn’t get bullied into joining other clans.. join ob fam we give no shits on this paint game 

  7. Quick question... why do clans with similar opts crash lower pulling clans instead of fighting each other ... 

    1. TheBean
    2. TheBean


      OB used to do it a lot too 

  8. Doom and fs think we care 😂😂 be more obsessed 

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    2. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      Oh, @Nos? Then please, by all means, inform us all who "anybody" cares about? Because you certainly seem to care an awful lot about Fearless without them being mentioned once throughout this entire status update.

    3. Nos


      The fact you keep making status updates on this site like it's Facebook shows you're desperately trying to make people care buddy.

      Get a hobby.

    4. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      Looks like you've avoided my question entirely. I've also never seen anybody make status updates about aftermath topics from runescape.com pure clan fights on Facebook. I guess if you actually used social media you might've known.

      Have fun finding a new hobby, though, since you don't play runescape  but still post on runescape.com community guild websites!

  9. Fearless has a kid running their clan that doesn’t leave his moms apartment who takes 40m off a members account..I’ve  known crackheads that wouldn’t steal $40.. tannie < crackhead

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    2. Brandon


      Na I'm laughing at how a mute who has been irrelevant for his entire 2k17 clanning existence thinks he can pipe up to the big dogs

    3. Brandon


      I don't take what randoms say seriously last reply you'll get btw not worth my time work your way up

    4. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      i'm laughing at how someone who literally cries over runescape calls himself a "big dog" hahahahaha

  10. I don’t understand why the fearless kids are so obsessed with outburst.. I’m better looking than y’all get over it 

  11. If you looking for a fun community come  try outburst out.. the sky is the limit 

  12. True facts: The F2P trip today was awesome. I still don’t get why fearless bring mains to a clean scene..

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    2. WarChild
    3. Stewbert


      There was more than one @Deviants

    4. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      ill hold my breathe waiting for both the evidence and you to come teamspeak and chat with me

  13. Join outburst if you like a good community that fucks brown sticky stuff up irl then comes on runescape to chill lol

  14. Exzrts stating facts that Alex is a glory hunter on a paint game

  15. Kids mad their clans closed..  #OpDead

  16. Go to ss if y’all want to rag each other 

    1. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      See you in multi.. and singles.

  17. Dear FS,

    keep bringing tanks and everyone will leave the scene and yall will close into eop again.. 

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    2. Pauna


      @Stewbert aslong as you take your meds idc either fam just looking out for you

    3. Stewbert


      arent u in sup? dont they pull 20s..? @Shaka Zulu or u join eop already?


    4. Pauna


      @Stewbert just a klen frend and can confirm sup has one of the most fun/action pakked trips should check em out

  18. Join ob its fun

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    2. Pauna


      @Stewbert nah i pefer 30v30 - 50v50s how u been tho

    3. Pauna


      @G U L F aren't you that lost little h8 kid? Idk who you are men



      8 hours ago, G U L F said:

      This loser got kicked from foe 3 times,, declined at misfits, his snipe team closed, op closed and his current clan fs (which is also losing btw) labeled  him as loot lmao @Stewbert


  19. outburst = really good clan

  20. Real talk will fs do the 20v20 now because there’s only 3 clans in now I believe.. 

    1. King Kinse

      King Kinse

      probably not, should probably cancel this big mini event and replace with 50v50+

    2. G U L F

      G U L F

      @King Kinse no tanks allowed so yeah keep it 20v20

  21. yo kinse ur tank hits garbage

    1. WarChild


      kinse still got the cd blood in him

    2. Satans


      @King Kinse, they 2 scared to tag u lol

    3. King Kinse

      King Kinse

      not sure what they talking about since i dont have main only pure >.<

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