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  1. SAiiC0

    Day 2: the bible clears rot

    smoked by the chinaman again rot? all keyboard warriors awkward freaks
  2. SAiiC0

    lmfao rot was ez btw

    gz chink
  3. SAiiC0

    Uh Oh

  4. SAiiC0

    Did someone say CD opening?

    stay dead
  5. SAiiC0

    #Prestige| 110+ | Warring Clan

    gl bro
  6. SAiiC0

    eop v2

    looks like you got bullied out
  7. looks like ct got smoked gz adrenaline
  8. SAiiC0

    weekend Legacy F2P Saturday FT Sup,Fi,IR

    ty for fights
  9. oh no they did an ir
  10. SAiiC0

    announcement Promotions - Dill

    big dill
  11. SAiiC0


    says the brazilian retard with eop sigs
  12. kinda hard to vote on a clan no1 has seen yet
  13. he recently left ir to join apex hes a newfag he has no clue apex pulled 20 for 2 years straight
  14. dead clans in ur sig WHAHAHAH naaldo ur trash
  15. didn't know run in meant running on sight
  16. SAiiC0

    Holy trinity Vs. The Boys 2-0

    wtf happend to you moe you never flamed
  17. SAiiC0

    2nd Biggest PK in RS History

    fake and gay like you bgs'd a scythe
  18. candyclouds is worse