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  1. I'm getting my dick sucked while you're spending your weekend thinking about Intense Redemption. You lost LMAO
  2. Lmfao the one thing they are good at.
  3. Keep listening to 10 minute audio leaks man, maybe one day you'll hurt someone's feelings!
  4. Holy cringe, thank you for listening. We look forward to your listenership next week as well. Keep them coming!
  5. Yeah and nobody in IR cares lmfao. 50 mains wasn't enough for you on Saturday. I think you're going to need 100 mains just to compete, buddy.
  6. @puppyslush Your posts throughout the day show clear as day that you are legit obsessed with - borderline addicted to - IR. The unintended irony is that for as much as you claim to follow/know us, I can confirm that you actually know very little.
  7. Keep listening to us do our thing, buddy. Our #1 fan right here.
  8. Who cares if some Foe virgin wants to share our audio every trip? We're spending 90% of our trips laughing at idiots like you and the other 10% killing Slump every trip. Many times, these things overlap with one another. Your unabashed vendetta against IR ie probably the most pathetic thing in this community right now. I hope you get the help you need.
  9. Yes, it is true that you are a very stupid person and more than happy to show it at any opportunity. Crawl back to your hole, little guy.
  10. LMFAO you clearly know nothing about IR. Please do everyone a favor and never post again, you little rat.
  11. Wow man that's a cool story you got there. Doesn't change the fact that the first thing we did on our trip today was run into your fall in of 25 mains with our 85 pures and smoked the fuck out of all of them LOL.
  12. Old Friends is from SUP clan. How will IR ever recover from this?
  13. L0l0l0l I hope you one day outgrow your very disgusting feminine voice and stop saying "like" every second. "Like they logged so like we won guys!!!"
  14. I kill your clan while making more money than you ever will lmfao. For someone who's obsessed with doxing me you clearly don't know anything about me. Not sure how that works.
  15. Hahaha Px dead. I killed your clan matched opts with sand crab recruits every time. Listening to you demoralized every time was the real jokes l0l
  16. The only thing you finished is your pathetic clan's existence. Your clan took 6 months to kill, buddy. I would've quit the game for good if that happened to me, but I guess you have nothing better to do with your life.
  17. Go ahead dude nobody cares lmfao. You will never forget that I bullied your shit clan into closure and there is nothing you can do to change that. Keep slaving away you lowlife freak.
  18. You went through 2 and a half hours of audio and this is the best you could do. HAHAHAHA we're all laughing at you, just like we did the entire trip LMFAO
  19. You really can't be this stupid, Lee. I taught you better than that. Cmon now.
  20. I actually enjoyed having your presence at those fights to make things at least a little bit more interesting, but if you're hyped about killing our stragglers when you're not being focused at all, that's a bit pitiful. Hopefully we can set up some preps next week to get some true 1v1s going.
  21. I killed your clan and it wasn't hard LMAO. You'll need better fake propaganda than that, buddy.
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