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  1. Most of IR's recruits came from unhappy SUP members and SUP recruits looking to join a real clan LMAO
  2. Never forget the last time SUP tried to fight IR matched opts and we weren't even trying l0l
  3. Yeah I thought hearing your life being in shambles would get you all riled up l0l. You are a legit degenerate with a disgusting lispy voice l00000l.
  4. Why are you talking about Rage's RL when you live in a shack in rural Ohio and you're still living with your parents l0l. My rank team and I killed your clan week in and week out while making more money and getting more pussy than you ever will l0l fucking loser. You need a better hider account Zachary aka pedo boy.
  5. That is some truly horrible calling. These losers still spend their entire trips lying to their members l0l. I guess nothing has changed since IR gave them their weekly dicking. Grats Rage
  6. I'm getting my dick sucked while you're spending your weekend thinking about Intense Redemption. You lost LMAO
  7. Lmfao the one thing they are good at.
  8. Keep listening to 10 minute audio leaks man, maybe one day you'll hurt someone's feelings!
  9. Holy cringe, thank you for listening. We look forward to your listenership next week as well. Keep them coming!
  10. Yeah and nobody in IR cares lmfao. 50 mains wasn't enough for you on Saturday. I think you're going to need 100 mains just to compete, buddy.
  11. @puppyslush Your posts throughout the day show clear as day that you are legit obsessed with - borderline addicted to - IR. The unintended irony is that for as much as you claim to follow/know us, I can confirm that you actually know very little.
  12. Keep listening to us do our thing, buddy. Our #1 fan right here.
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