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  1. sup and ly been using mains for several months lmao and now u start care? we aint hitting other clans tho demoralized rat @DilL
  2. im glad ly joined in, with just sup, this rivalry would be boring as fuck lmfao
  3. ly smoked once again and wtf shitpremacy doing in caves get fucked
  4. u legit losing right there lmfao and ly talking about mains? l000l kyp dogs
  5. Rage #1 always was fun watching soup dying or teleing out as soon as they see t9 capes
  6. lmfaoooo never seen ly with 80+ even, unless you count those 30 mains in ly capes haha
  7. what u mean 2 front rivalry? sup already demoralized with that cute 40 man pull and avoiding us like little [email protected] and ly is shit with 0 quality, think u have 30 mains in ur capes u doing something big? lmfaooo u opened like shit and u always will stay like that none takes ur cancer bs seriously RAGE #1 bby smh if mad l000000l
  8. and who the fuck are you random fuck stfu lol
  9. bro none can stop us, all u supshit kids do is trash talk after wars lmfao
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