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  1. bro none can stop us, all u supshit kids do is trash talk after wars lmfao
  2. 2 easy for rage, keep avoiding sup dogs lmao and if ly thinks they can 1 v 1 clear fight resistance, u better think again l0000000000000000l u r fucked
  3. cringe as fuck lmao rage on top baby
  4. yo @DilLstop trying so hard cringe boy lmao, now since ly is busy with resistance, who u gonna call for help now? l00000000000000000l pipe down rat, we already shitting on ur clan
  5. kid, no one takes u seriously, every time i joined ts u were muted, shows how actually retarded and brainless u are lmao
  6. kid u got banned coz u were and are too retarded? fake news lmao
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