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  1. So let me guess this straight u ask us for a 15v15 at 3 est then make us sit 30 opts for you to being 20 something kids then proceed to flame us after we fought u down 10+ opts? Yea sounds like 3rd world logic back to pumping water out of your well to brush your teeth kiddo
  2. ? lalo and aysix left for Fearless 3 months into the clan lmao and if they didn't like me when we were all Fearless why would they decide to open Outburst with me after again? You spent prob what $800 in gfx the last few months tryna open clans dont try and pipe up lmfao
  3. Im the founder of outburst lmao 😂 but its okay keep trying buddy maybe ascent v1000 will work out
  4. I've closed ascent x3 this year, your other shit clan Outbreak then ur ascent v100 called Ambition or whatever lmfao don't pipe up retard every clan I've made has accomplished more in the first week than your whole existence.
  5. Planning on transitioning to a clan in the long run
  6. Whats so funny I came up with the name Tribe dont wanna open it with kids like you who open and close clans every 2 weeks or a kid like brad who sells his clans db for $$
  7. Fresh out of World 308, Tribe was founded by a couple of friends looking to take on the quick revival of XLPC. With a common sense of unity, Tom, H88, & P for Pwned have come together to open an endogenous group of blood thirsty tribesmen ready to take on the snipe scene. LEADER @TOM HIGH COUNCIL @H88 @P For Pwned Warlord -TBA- Discord:(PM FOR INVITE) Clan Chat: Tribe Pub Team Cape: 32 If you want to join give me a pm on here!
  8. uhhh this is almost as bad as envy/bloody vikingz now lmfao
  9. so how long before envy closes and reopens BV? i give it another month. lmfao

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