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  1. Hentailover7

    weekend [R]age Sunday l "This is pretty easy, but pretty fun."

    Gz hobo
  2. Hentailover7

    ir audio leak ft. run with me

    dam ir suck
  3. Hentailover7

    Nominating callers for GMT/EST event

    Which team?: GMT Nominate 1 Primary caller and 3 backups Primary Caller: H3ad burner Backup: Shadow Asuna Backup: Tzu Backup: Bon
  4. The boy 100% has some mental illness
  5. Hentailover7

    @togo and anyone else confused

    away back to Syria.
  6. Hentailover7

    ~RAGE~ The Comeback is here!

    GL boys
  7. Hentailover7

    clan wars/verfied [F2P] PX vs SUP Prep 2-1

    aa yes gj firebird clan