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  1. BT Whip

    Im Whip

    @TheReal l00000000l you an me both know im not a leak. envy still salty about bt leaving l0l
  2. BT Whip

    Im Whip

    IM Whip Some know me As BT Whip From My Exp In XLPC I haven't Been Active In A While, I've Just Returned An Just Looking For A Decent Squad Of ppl To pk With, Clan or No Clan I Pk in F2p And Or P2p These are My Accounts I use Most Offten 73 dds Pure , Triple 85s 102 Mid Level / Piety 52 Xlpc double 75s anyways Hmu If you Got a Squad Or just looking to pk im a chill guy
  3. BT Whip

    Yo cmon guys...

  4. Good Shit Today, We Pretty Much 2v1 All day An was Still Last Clan Standing, #1 XLPC
  5. lol Xlpc Clan Backed By A LPC We Dont Care About Your screens Of Propaganda, No1 Mad It Was Lit Be There Next Weekend To Smoked You Again Good Shit Today Boys
  6. lmfao !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice Propaganda !!!!! Nice Screens From Your RG Spots lmfao Yall Got Dicked All Day, We Was Last Clan Standing When Yall Home Tele At Ditch Lmfao !!!!!!!!!!! Good Game
  7. We Massed Up 45 Apes On This Fine Sunday Afternoon, Waited An hr For Asscent To head Out. Finally after 5pm est Asscent Heads Out With 40, We Quickly Moved Up to Corp An Waited For Asscent, While RP and a Few Snipe Teams Tried To Take us On, We Quickly Swatted Them Back To Lumbridge. Asscent Finally Showed Up An hit Us From The North West, We Quickly Scimmed An Started Swattting Them Out. We Cased Them North As RP Sniped Us From The Back We Quickly Moved West An Clumped With Bows To Pick Them Off An Watch Them Drop Like Flys, Before They Retreated To Singles Then Quickly Turned On Rp To The South We Quickly Wrapped Around To The back Of RP An Started Swatting Them Out, we Smashed Them An Made Them To Move To Gap,While Ascent Rushed From The North, Are Apes Scims Are Relentless, We Continue To GO Back An Forth With Ascent An Rp While They Both Banked 2 Times An Returned, After About 30 mins of This We Rg At Ca An Get A 1v1 With Rp Down Opts To Start , # Smoked Them , Right After That Ascent Rushes In , We Play With Ascent For Another Half Hr Before To We Walk Them South Before They Ended, Good Fight Today Boys, RP Asscent, + Random Snipe Teams Was Great Action, Cya Next Weekend.
  8. because you got your ts client in the video every 2 mins makes it look shitty just saying
  9. nice pull whats up with this scuffed ass vid tho ?? lol
  10. BT Whip

    pure/midweek Bad Timing Demoralizing Envy

    @Don Elmir your a fucking moron you dont even know What ddos is , !!!!!! if your gunna act like your, know your shit, at least do some research fucking retard DoS A DoS Attack is a Denial of Service attack. This means that one computer and one internet connection is used to flood a server with packets (TCP / UDP). The point of such a denial of service attack is to overload the targeted server’s bandwidth and other resources. This will make the server inaccessible to others, thereby blocking the website or whatever else is hosted there. DDoS A DDoS Attack is a Distributed Denial of Service Attack. In most respects it is similar to a DoS attack but the results are much, much different. Instead of one computer and one internet connection the DDoS attack utilises many computers and many connections. The computers behind such an attack are often distributed around the whole world and will be part of what is known as a botnet. The main difference between a DDoS attack vs a DoS attack, therefore, is that the target server will be overload by hundreds or even thousands of requests in the case of the former as opposed to just one attacker in the case of the latter.
  12. if i hadn't left bt , i would have found it on day one, but its out of my hands now.
  13. im pretty sure i was in envy on cd anny an it was 70 pures + 50 tanks + 3 hit, to bring pull up had 2 differnt ccs 1 for tanks 1 for pures an 3 in there own cc an ts
  14. BT Whip

    Elevation declares on BT full out

    you guys seem mad?
  15. BT Whip

    Elevation declares on BT full out

    @Don Elmir hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha