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  1. yikes u needed 2 other clans in your cape, remember what happened when we first met today lmao. imagine hiding for 4 hrs till all clans end so u can have clans like px and aao help you :/ why dont u prep if u think ur the better clan (that's a 1v1 for you lol)
  2. oow yes man? what a suprise haha lol man xD it's almost 2k19 zzz
  3. lmfao ima show ur bro how crazy i am u heard me man guy?
  4. lmfao bro stop fanboying me ur not a demon ur a goofy remember if u dont stop pipe, ima beat up ur bro 2morro u heard
  5. lmao biggest doggie lil stijno replying to real demon (u try to be so hard like us but remember u were fanboying me only a couple yrs ago lmfao xD) stay MAD MEN
  6. wooooooooooof woooof menn you like these sound men put smile on face when i see guy like u behave like dog first then pipe whawhalol xD
  7. yes nice intelligence quotient woawhuh cauliflower paki, you're basically insulting your own clan members lmfao dumb dog woof woof doggie join eop lmfa0
  8. lmfao pussy boy whatagwan joined eop like a doggie and pipes up now back in sv u didnt say a word to me l0l
  9. nice member title, ty for repping the clan that killed eop + ob at gdz 1v2
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