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  1. lmao leaks audio after getting smoked at p13s up 20. gotta uphold that virtual ego amirite
  2. dozin

    Yo cmon guys...

    i am #1
  3. looking forward to more fights with Apex. strong competition to help improve our quality
  4. FS tries to get clean fights after weeks of abusing tanks lmfao too late
  5. dozin

    announcement Hacking

  6. dozin

    Envy don't pipe up to your dad

    nigga im in outburst why u tagging me
  7. dozin

    Envy don't pipe up to your dad

    wtffff i didnt even get moved up propaganda
  8. how does it feel being a snake, trying to snake every possible member u can, and then losing to the clan u snaked on? oh and btw how does it feel that EoP is focusing on FOE and now gives no fucks about FS and only helps u brown sticky stuffters on the weekends? oh and again, thoughts on 3-0?
  9. dozin

    S0b x rbe

    i'm g0d m8 l0l'd
  10. dozin

    CD 2H Intro

    ope, another clan i clear. keep active need more action