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  1. King of OSRS

    Noxious | 40-60 CB xLPC | The Return Of The Alpha Males

    Kings btw
  2. King of OSRS

    IMT and SKO having a chat.

    forgot to mention we closed every single clan and I know the leader of SKO very well. Good luck and keep piping up. It won't end well Examples: Divine, NRG
  3. King of OSRS

    IMT + SKO pls ead this

    The fuck is this kid lmfao
  4. King of OSRS

    The real reason why Divine Closed..

    <----------- Real reason divine closed
  5. King of OSRS

    Team Zen VS ATL | 3 - 0

    Wow you won vs the most shit clan in rs history. So good!
  6. King of OSRS

    Immortal shows Divine why we are COTM in a F2P Mini

    more like is Divine Energy+Climax+Noxi+rampage+Overdose+Outlaws+Ambush+LPC clans IMT facing them all by ourselves. #1 proven.
  7. King of OSRS

    Looking To Join An xLPC Clan

    IMT btw
  8. noxious wins again
  9. King of OSRS

    Feedback on XLPC WCOTM & COTM

    NO @DilL
  10. Fuck with the King Blodline, you die. @Energy + Divine
  11. I am wearing the Crown as King of xLPC. IMT btw
  12. IMT #1 Feat Energy + Divine Tanks (Only way you can compete)