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  1. Gf was solid competition from what I saw, hope we can do it more often.
  2. I wasn't even on lmao woulda been easy if i was there
  3. Kye

    Day 1 - RoT ends fo in under an hour

    Locked for obvious reasons.
  4. Kye

    [PSA] Regarding all RSPS users

    thank u papa slush
  5. Kye

    Pups Vs Foe 3-0 Sets

    trash mouse loves to drag ;D
  6. Kye

    LPC Prep Team - Sloth Empire

    Thank u reas very cool
  7. Kye

    Fatality vs Supremacy | P2P Big Minis | 2 - 0 sets

    why str pot vs sup they're all 20 def lol
  8. Aaro POV Gf FI Will post my vid Wednesday xd
  9. Kye

    Dear apex & imt

    thank u, next