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  1. Damage Control massed up about 30 solid shooters and went out looking for a fight. We quickly ran into Resistance and Legacy and had some intense clusters in rev caves. After about 30 minutes of clean fights in rev caves, clan Legacy reached out for a PKRI and we accepted. The fight started out 30v30 at CA and slowly made its way over to Corporal Beast. Clan Resistance showed up as well and all three clans continued to battle it out. Shout out to Resistance and Legacy for the clean action! PM "Rev Legend#3144" to join the most active pure clan!
  2. Solid midweek action between Damage Control and Blunt Pures. Both clans were able to mass up about 40 opts each for a PKRI at GDZ. Blunt Pures started out the fight very strong and quickly pushed into our lines, but we were able to even up the fight with quick returns and good movement. Fight was capped at 1 hour, clean action once again with Blunt Pures, thank you. Big wins for both clans!
  3. On 04/26/2020, Damage Control was able to mass up 60 strong and later peaked at 64 shooters. We had some clean 1v1 action versus Resistance and Irrelevant Outcasts, shout out to both clans for the fights! During our trip we also managed to get some solid hits on a few clusters at Boneyard and CA. All around it was a great Sunday trip for all clans.
  4. On 03/14/2020, Damage Control massed up 35+ shooters as normal and killed everything in the wilderness. For the second night in a row, clan Apex decided to mass up and hit us. Bad move for apex, as they were broken both nights in under 30 minutes. Rancher Nox has bitten off more than he can chew, beefing with a clan who is undefeated in rivalries is not the smartest move when your community is just simply not active. A trusted source from inside clan Apex did confirm with me that their members ran out of rev teleports after being killed over 25 times each during the cluster, forcing their cringe members to use Burning amulet teleport to lava maze. Apex also managed to only have ONE mager the entire fight, shout out to All Styles for being the only Apex member who knows how to gear switch. After breaking and ending every trip they had this week, Apex is now projected to spend even more time hiding in clan wars and practicing 2v2s. Rancher Nox needs to understand 2 things here - 1) You have 48 hours to pay for off or you will be camped 24/7 2) Apex Fopper cannot save you this time, though he has outstanding interpersonal skills, the cringe actions of Apex have trumped any relationship between Apex and DC.
  5. Looks like Cape counter had it at 20 (Daeva) vs. 13 (Ly)
  6. Another action-packed day in the Rev caves for Damage Control! Thanks to Tribe, Fearless, Legacy, CD and Rage for the action. Fight of the day: Damage Control vs. CD As shown in the start of the fight, Damage Control had 17 opts while CD had 23. Problem for Damage control? I don't think so. Using our industry standard strategies and techniques we nearly perfected CD, only losing 1-2 opts the entire fight. Thanks CD
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