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  1. Looks like Cape counter had it at 20 (Daeva) vs. 13 (Ly)
  2. Another action-packed day in the Rev caves for Damage Control! Thanks to Tribe, Fearless, Legacy, CD and Rage for the action. Fight of the day: Damage Control vs. CD As shown in the start of the fight, Damage Control had 17 opts while CD had 23. Problem for Damage control? I don't think so. Using our industry standard strategies and techniques we nearly perfected CD, only losing 1-2 opts the entire fight. Thanks CD
  3. 1. Fs = no name clan 2. Your forums will never go up ( you will close before this happens due to the high volume of unstable downies you have as members
  4. Another sad attempt by V Low and his dogs to pay their rent by smiting +1s in caves gone wrong. On log-in, Damage Control immediately started to clump V Low out like the chickens they are, resulting in massive EXP drops and loots. nice_try.mp4
  5. Thanks for being a fan. All of this content is from a single night of stream sniping, nothing impressive. Still can't even clear us, at best you kill off a few stragglers after we fight a big clan.
  6. Ace Krave changes his discord name once a week and tries to get into my discord. What's wrong with this guy, does he wear a helmet IRL ?
  7. Yeah you guys do a nice time in caves until the real pkers come out to play. #DamageControl
  8. BTW, the reason I can't upload content is because I am limited by Sharkbrew and only allowed to upload a max file size of .02MB ( as of yesterday, after FOE got body slammed )
  9. Where the blog boys at? The public needs to see this content
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