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  1. Rev Legend

    Foe annihilated in the hot caves

    BTW, the reason I can't upload content is because I am limited by Sharkbrew and only allowed to upload a max file size of .02MB ( as of yesterday, after FOE got body slammed )
  2. Rev Legend

    Foe annihilated in the hot caves

    Here boys
  3. Rev Legend

    Foe annihilated in the hot caves

    Where the blog boys at? The public needs to see this content
  4. Rev Legend

    Foe annihilated in the hot caves

    Can't upload much with SB capping me at 0.02MB
  5. Rev Legend

    Foe annihilated in the hot caves

    It's funny that I am pretty much censored on SB along with the other leader of DC ... the truth will still come out. Can't even post the content of FOE catching these hands in rev caves lol
  6. Rev Legend

    Foe annihilated in the hot caves

    I'm trying to post the content ... not allowing me to upload at the moment .. hmmm
  7. Clearly FOE was no match for Damage Control when fighting us in the rev caves. No matter how many opts we were down, they were still going to be clumped like a group of wild chickens at every opportunity.
  8. Rev Legend

    lpc Damage Control #1 Pure clan daily revs PK

    Message me through here.
  9. Rev Legend

    lpc Hydra - #1 Pure Clan

    I don't think leaks are a fun way to play this game, but I will post this so maybe your ranks will wake up.
  10. Rev Legend

    lpc Damage Control #1 Pure clan daily revs PK

    As the rev caves remain a very popular location for P2P multi-pking, Damage Control continues to dominate the revenant caves on a daily basis. We have players from multiple countries which allows us to run PK trips around the clock! Damage Control focuses on pushing its members toward 80+ combat , leaving other clans very little chance to obtain a win against us and our maxed pures. While a majority of the pure community is flooded with rag rangers and other low skilled pkers ( no dessert treasure, no teleblock ), Damage Control sticks by its requirements to have 85+ mage and to have desert treasure completed. If you're looking to join the pure community, or if you're simply sick of your clan, get in touch with one of our ranks to inquire about how to become an official member. When you're PKing, and shit hits the fan, you want to be fighting with the best PKers by your side. Join Damage Control, the number one pure clan currently in OSRS!
  11. Rev Legend

    Why so desperate @war

    Spot on my friend.
  12. Rev Legend

    Damage Control #1 Pure PK Revs team OSRS

    Read title. " #1 rev pk clan " , not " #1 xxxxxlpc f2p clan " sorry, didnt mean to offend Crow Gang lol
  13. Rev Legend

    Oh envy , LOL ?

  14. Prove me wrong Using industry standard items and techniques, Damage Control has been the most consistent Rev PKing team while maintaining a healthy community and highly skilled PKers. Our specialties include, but are not limited to the following, inners ( 3v3, 4v4 , .... , etc. ) , hosting bridding tournaments , PK trips 7 days a week, and clumping out noobs in the pocket ( as seen on video, credit to Vendetta for being the clumpees ). Shout out to 'Runs Off' for the high-quality content he has recorded and edited, all while being regarded as a top PKer in all of OSRS.