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  1. Baby Andar

    weekend Redemption F2P Sunday Funday Ft. OB, Noxi, Apoc

    was fun ty for action
  2. need a xlpc? join outbreak today.

  3. l0l0l00ll0l0ll0l0l0 is this even a trip or a advertisement
  4. Baby Andar

    weekend Redemption Saturday: Battles With Outbreak and Vendetta

    ty for fights rd gl tommorow
  5. Baby Andar

    Outbreak vs Noxi 2-1 15v15

  6. was ez, ty for fights rd, noxi ur shit just close already, vendetta idk what to even say l0l , apoc eat shit u guys are irrevelant, xlpc scene was ez
  7. Baby Andar

    pkri Outbreak vs RD 2-0 pkri ft.noxi smoked

    ty for fights Rd, noxi ur shit l2 compete
  8. Baby Andar

    cwa [O]utbreak vs Noxi 20v20min ft50 2-0

    ah yes gz outbreak join today apps open
  9. Baby Andar

    Fearless Leaderboards

    l0lll fhh cuzzz
  10. Baby Andar

    weekend Fearless P2P Sunday Ft 1v1s and GWASING

    gz fs
  11. Join FS #1 Pure clan community

  12. Baby Andar

    pkri Rage vs Apex | P2P PKRI | ft. Fearless crash

    ty for actionman was rlly fun
  13. Baby Andar

    weekend Fearless P2P Sunday Ft GWASING SEASON

    oink oink