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  1. Out on bond

    midweek GMT Wednesday ft. 1 Hour With Liths

    Event Verified
  2. Out on bond

    Wilderness Clan Of The Month(Winner) - February

  3. Out on bond

    midweek GMT Gives Smoke (Again) Ft. BP, Vit

    sick 6 man pull!
  4. Out on bond

    Resurgence's Sunday Clearing Vengeance x2 [30M+ in +1's]

    better luck next time
  5. Out on bond

    Resurgence Sunday Out Ft. Veng/Vitality/SV/AE

    poor veng
  6. Out on bond

    Paragon's Wednesday Trip

  7. Out on bond

    Paragon's Thursday

    nice boys
  8. Out on bond

    cwa Resurgence Defeats Playdead - 3-0

    You can get the smoke too btw
  9. Out on bond

    Paragon’s Thursday - 90m+ Trip

    nicely done
  10. Out on bond

    Resurgence Thursday PK Sweepings

    a quick 10m a piece
  11. Out on bond

    Resurgence vs Vengeance - 25min Cap

    was fun