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  1. I don't use tanks. ly ranks do, besides. they don't bring tanks unless cd bring tanks. so smd. apex got reduce to a snipe team in 2 weeks. cringe and shit clan fyi::: apex brought mains against foe and still manage to lose. hahahahaha
  2. that's your scout you downey.you hid from us.. being high 40s you're shit stay easy weirdo. noxi is a propaganda clan. that wont save you braaa
  3. Apoc clan pm me for discord. Dont join noxi. They're extremely dead
  4. don't believe @dragonslayer526 propaganda clan. all he's clan including noxi v1 has closed and merge. btw @fudog made you close v1 noxi after outpulling you.. imagine that by a snipe team...
  5. Big apoc clan is back for some xlpc action. Since reopening our doors 2 weeks ago, we decided to restart on 40s and it has been a great success. pulled a fat 16 peaked at 20 for a random trip SADLY TO SAY NOXI CLAN BEING UP 6-8 LEVELS FROM US AND BEING DOWN 5 DECIDED TO BRING TANKS SMH. STILL WE MADE THE BEST OF IT FOR OUR NEW-COMERS AND MADE THEM END AFTER 1 HIT. LOC ON NOXI ROFLLL? THANKS CLAN V FOR THE ACTION AND RANDOM 60S. STAY TUNE MORE TO COME. btw gl this weekend @dragonslayer526 when you pull 22 and hide from us you'll need it. peak the vid on the addy tanks. I made sure to time freeze it drop the tanks please l0000l
  6. Dogshit account like dogshit cd lmao
  7. @dragonslayer526 imagine a mute leading a clan. big yikes noxi dead btw who will they close/merge with this time.

  8. smoked? are you blind or just plain out stupid. the vid doesn't lie buddy
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