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  1. dogshit clan rofl, honestly I feel bad for the retards on this website who think zenith's bullshit propoganda topics are legit. faggot leader faggot clan.
  2. zenith get cleared by vennies lmao poor retards. they'd make more money ingame selling ashley's bear feet pictures
  3. pipe up zenith, you've already pulled the nerdys card to get AF/NL and you still got shit on. no main clan with any sense of decency wants to associate with your retarded leadership team. go back to jerking to ashley's feet pics faggots
  4. go pimp ashley out and buy all the sets you want, still won't save you. neither will begging med clans to hit us on weekends.
  5. shit chink nox, and lap dog nerdys reduced to black sally rag. dogshit leadership from a dogshit clan. stick to 2v2s because that's all you're good at.
  6. god zenith is bad. sent from rev caves back into the back room to get dildo fucked by ashley lmao cause apparently hormone's greasy ass wasn't good enough.
  7. rofl at the zenith retards and apex suicide watch kids posting on OUR topic giving us MORE views, hurting their own clans. we could break you if we wanted, but we'd rather do it the fun way and you rats can't do a damn thing about it. apex is slumping, zenith is broken. easy game and another sucessful saturday for LY.
  8. and these apex rats are only helping our topics by posting on them only to get shot down like slaves in a field. oh wait that happened all day today ingame! ROFL back to 2v2 in clanwars because thats the only safe space you have in this game. ps nerdys you fat fuck i dare you to call nl/pd again. clealy veng and border patrol coudln't do you justice.
  9. cant deny this one. speak up chink nox, speak up fat fag nerdys, speak up even fatter cookiez fake doctor, speak up felon herbo jr. oh wait
  10. your beta chink leader literally bent the knee to rot shut your mouth
  11. such a shit clan. broken lmao. zenith's topic doesn't even come close to being legit. gaypex is slumped so hard trying to help them. nox is broken, thanks for the leaked dms retard. maybe you could use your asian knowledge to help the zenith fake doctor attempt at becoming a real doctor, because rs isn't working out so well.
  12. feels so fucking bad to be zenith lmao what are they gonna tell their sand recruits now? fuck it half of em dont even post on here. the noose is tightening for this shit stain of a clan
  13. where are all the apex/zenith shit talkers? oh wait they died at 13s lmao. fucking dead clans. LY wins again faggots.
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