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  1. Yuzaname

    main tournament Team Alpha vs Clan Europe[2-0]

    Free smoke 4 us once again
  2. Yuzaname

    main tournament Team Alpha vs Sanity [2-0]

    i smoke u on the daily everywhere
  3. Yuzaname

    main tournament Team Alpha vs Sanity [2-0]

    i am the undefeated
  4. Yuzaname

    main Impact vs Vanguard 4-0

  5. was fun as fuck tbf, every1 with a main join if ty ty =]
  6. Yuzaname

    Trauma Wants the Root.

    hostility can't compete in mpc or lpc lol
  7. I don't even know who you are but you seem to know a fair bit about me, lololol, nah i stepped down because my work schedule couldnt fit around trip times so it was pointless of me being a rank, too bad for you that its changed, lower tier clan lol
  8. You're the guys who want a 83 cb cap but bring about 80% of supremacy on their T27 accs, like wut if it was a 35v35 min then ye fam we aint got time for no 20v20 brown sticky stuff against some lower tier clan
  9. no combat cap so i do wat i want fam
  10. Yuzaname


    crims has always been known for ddosin
  11. Yuzaname

    EOP getting desperate?

    lol so desperate!!