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Found 167 results

  1. Hey, We made some updates around the forums in the recent days. We have upgraded the site and the loading speed should improve for many of our users. Let us know if you are still having issues loading certain pages. Some of our systems should be restored by next month. Cheers! ~Kim @Member @Veteran @Kingpin @Ambassador
  2. I just enabled mobile skin aspect of the site, Due to popular request, signature height has been expanded to 500px. Stay tune later this week for further updates, including homepage relaunch/Memberlist/wiki systems
  3. I would like to inform our community, that a group of clan leaders from the LPC scene had a meeting involving LPC Combat Caps, Rockman, and mains. In a unanimous vote, all leaders present voted to not split the LPC Scene and the MPC scene as this provided more action to the scene. The next agreement was the this scene would be determined by Def Caps and not combat caps, unless this caps were established by the clan. This here shouldn't have happened today: Every clan leaders agreed not to do this. Almost every clan was clean today. We have heard excuses from Fearless members stating that they only bring mains because of these 'supposed' MPC accounts in other clans. We don't want this becoming the scene that CD/OP/Rage experienced. Keep it clean and don't make waste product excuses. This is warning to all of you; don't bring mains. Our penalty system is going to be officially pushed on February the 1st. Your ambassadors are still able to make disputes in the lounge. If you see mains in other clan's aftermath topics, feel free to tag me. Although, Critical Damage does not post on here. They will still be punished. Critical Damage & Fearless' Saturday and Sunday topics for this weekend will not be allowed to be posted, if continued, they will be warned for spamming and further punishment can occur.
  4. Unfortunately due to recent events, it is clear to me that a certain clan's influence has been dominating our rank team, therefore I would like to put out an urgent request for members from the following clans: FOE AAO EOP - Dull & Parm
  5. The rules have finally been updated and we expect everyone to follow them accordingly. We wish to create a healthy and productive website. Remember that you cannot blame the community for toxicity if you reflect that behaviour minutes later. If we are to expand, grow and establish ourselves as a professional & dedicated PvP and Clanning community, our behaviour has to mirror that. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/38409-the-ground-rules-guidelines/ The rules will be enforced immediately. Additionally, Sub-Section Rules or [SSR]s will be released in different categories. The link above, which is the Grand Rules & Guidelines, is like the master-rules to the entire community. I hope to see all of us in a new-era of clanning in the near future. @Overseer @Counselor @Mediator @Gatekeeper @Retired @Kingpin @Veteran @Ambassador @Member
  6. As we have upgraded our forums last week. We've been looking forward to releasing new systems and new content for our community. This calls for new people to be promoted for their work and attitude around our community. We will be promoting some of Gatekeepers to Mediator! Further a-do, Welcome back an old face and welcome a familiar face! Gatekeeper @Tyendinaga - As an individual and as a friend, he has looked out for the best community and analyzed different POVs. He is a someone that works hard and tries to stand up for lower clans to higher clans. Welcome back, old friend. We expect greatness from you! @Whisky - We have asked you to take a position on this community forums for quite some time. You don't let your personal opinion get ahead of you. Since we've upgraded to these forums, you have helped us with small issues on the forums. I personally hope to see you find a passion within Sharkbrew and ride with it! Gatekeeper -> Mediator @B-ryan - You have thought about outside of the box for different systems for Sharkbrew. You're not afraid to voice out your opinions and you truly care for the betterment of the community. From the point, you have been promoted, you have always offered your help even when it was for small tasks. I hope with this promotion, your eagerness doesn't change. Keep up the good work! @Koed Beastly - You're a hard-worker. You are someone who works for perfection and nothing less than that. You won't stop putting work into a project until its finished. As for you, @Koed Beastly I also hope for you that this doesn't change with this promotion. @B-ryan & @Koed Beastly you have both earned this promotion. Make us proud! Ambassador & Mediator Applications As our systems are down.. Don't hesitate to message me on Sharkbrew Messenger or IRC. Our requirements for Ambassadors Must have a ML You must be a rank and evidence of being one on your header. Message me on regards of being a Mediator
  7. We've upgraded the forums to 4.2, which will definitely serve us all well. We're still doing a lot of upgrades and changes right now. Some of the functions aren't going to be fully functional atm. If you see anything wrong let us know. The bright theme will be disabled and later removed. We have installed a darker theme and will keep modifying it as we see necessary. I hope you all like it. Let us know if you have any ideas on improving the community, the theme or anything in general. We're discussing a lot of changes to Sharkbrew, COTM and WCOTM. We'll keep you updated.
  8. I'll try to make this simple + gz me on 3k pc. Event FOE's fall-in leader wore an Apex cape in the pkri round when it was 1-1. A DQ & round re-do was offered in favour of Apex, but was rejected by their ranks. Was the system cheated? If a clan uses a loophole to overcome the COTM structure, yes thats cheating COTM. If a clan brings a 39 def or cape switches in a prep, yes thats cheating but not towards the COTM - but instead to the clan. Why cant I dispute on behalf of Apex? Clan wars and wilderness are different. You are bound to come into contact with most if not all clans in wildy, but not in clan wars. If you had nothing to do with the prep why do you feel like you have control over it? You, nor I, can make decisions on behalf of another rank structure. We offered a DQ (much like the one given to PX in the UB tiebreaker). It is then up to the ranks to make a decision and we have to respect that. Its perfectly understandable why someone wouldn't want a DQ win. The only way we can intervene is if the COTM is threatened. If you believe Apex threw the prep (which would threaten COTM), you are most welcome to provide evidence for it in which both clans will be disqualified from this months COTM. #Ambassador
  9. This is confirmed update. All the basic core hooks have been created and is ready for deployment. 12th Oct 1-6AM EST, Sharkbrew will be taken offline. Due to the scale of this upgrade, majority of sharkbrew systems will be taken offline until I finish coding through the features. This includes forum cosmetic upgrades like the sharkwallet, clan hats, etc. All my customer hosted sites will be upgraded in time #Ambassador Memberlist will be offline for 2-3 days after the initial move, so in the meantime, you should consider screenshotting your ml for user/rsn references
  10. Unfortunately I was not able to get group mention working and by extension the anti ipgrabbing system(as they are based in the same hook), so I am postponing the planned upgrade. Stay tuned for further updates down the road
  11. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?app=sports&do=bet&id=23 Due to popular demand, I have decided to create the bet for PX vs UB prep. On Saturday 7th Oct, 1AM-5AM EST- I will be upgrading sharkbrew to the latest version of IPB, IPB 4.2.5. During this period, the forums/site/memberlist/wiki will go offline. Due to the scale of this upgrade, majority of sharkbrew systems will be taken offline until I finish coding through the features. This includes forum cosmetic upgrades like the sharkwallet, clan hats, etc. Priority will be assigned to key clanning systems such as the memberlist system. #Ambassador
  12. Micro-Promotions For Mediator's @@Nixon -> Silver Hammer @@Fake Smile -> Silver Hammer @ -> Silver Hammer @@Seven -> Silver Hammer Micro-Promotions For Gatekeeper's @@B-ryan -> Bronze Hammer @@Koed Beastly -> Bronze Hammer #Gatekeeper Promotions! @@Anthoni @@Lee (FI Representative) Remember these promotions are on a 2 week trial, if we feel you aren't active enough or provide enough to the team you will be given your previous rank back. On a side note, you should always remember through the beginning aspects of your promotion we look for acts of bias and immaturity so steer clear of that or you can expect a swift demote. Golden Service Mark will be handed out to those who have helped out in finding new systems and helped participate in running SharkBrew Events. Demotion (Both Stepped Down) @@Soniqs (Busy IRL) @ (Busy IRL) @@Robbyy (Busy IRL)
  13. After the recent fiasco I took the blame for what some people would call a "loophole" being exposed in the system. Hopefully these tighten up the rules and prevent any more broccolied brown sticky stuff in the future from happening. BO5 preps will not be counted towards COTM if they are within 5 days to the end of the month. Only two preps count towards COTM per day. Unless it's a Fullout preps during the weekends don't count, but they do count towards you CWL W/L's Preps done withing the last 2 days of the month don't count towards COTM, but they do count towards you CWL W/L's The opt count must be met within atleast 2 rounds. Example, if 30v30 prep aftermath is posted, atleast two of the rounds must have been 30v30+. If one round is 30v30, and the other two are 25v25, this prep will be counted as 20v20. Any information given to us about a clan buying a prep will DQ that clan for the entire month from COTM If you lie on a OPT count to gain more points in a prep you will lost x2 the amount of points the entire prep is worth for example, if Clan X says they did a 30v30 P2P Prep but the video shows 25v25 in 2/3 Rounds they will lose 5 points for that month. On the flip side if there's "Human" error that doesn't change the score we will not punish it, for example if Clan X says they did a 25v25 prep but the video show 24v24 I will not penalize you because you don't change the outcome of points. Clans in the lead when doing a COTM Tie-Breaker will decide what server the fight will be held in. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/31535-offical-cotm-rules-and-regulations/
  14. It is my duty to inform everyone that hittin & his minions has secured a copy of our database due to my negligence of forgetting to delete a copy on a publicly accessible directory during one of my routine site maintenance jobs. Your IPs are safe as they are encrypted before ever hitting sharkbrew. However your password hashes and email addresses are compromised. Please secure any emails that you might have used for Sharkbrew, and if you were using the same password on Sharkbrew as on other sites, change them ASAP.
  15. The PvP Championship represents our most ambitious foray into competitive combat so far. Join us as we seek to establish just who is at the pinnacle of player-versus-player combat. The weekend of 12th/13th August will play host to three bracketed tournaments: 1v1, 5v5, 20v20. The PvP Championship will see hundreds of players go head to head over the course of the entire weekend in pursuit of a total prize of $30,000 shared across three competitions. The PvP Championship is an invitational tournament in which sixteen individual players will compete for the 1v1 title, sixteen teams will battle it out to be named champions of the 5v5 arena, and eight teams will clash to be crowned winners of the 20v20 bracket. Join the fray on twich.tv/runescape from 4pm UTC / 12pm EST on both Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th August. FAQ How does the prize money work? The winner of the 1v1 will receive $10,000. The winners of the 5v5 will receive $10,000. The winners of the 20v20 will receive $10,000. Note that the representative of each team will be given the prize money. The responsibility is then with them to share the winnings as they want. How can I participate? Participation in the 1v1 bracket is strictly invitational only. The 5v5 and 20v20 will be open to applicants. These applications will then be reviewed, and successful teams will be invited to compete. Information pertaining to applications can be found at the bottom of this page. How can I watch the tournament? The PvP Championship will be streamed via twich.tv/runescape. The broadcast will approximately run between 4pm UTC / 12pm EST - 10:30pm UTC / 6:30pm EST on Saturday 12th and between 4:45pm UTC / 12:45pm EST - 9:45pm UTC / 5:45pm EST on Sunday 13th. When will the fights take place? Final scheduling will be released closer to the tournament. Saturday will see all rounds of 16 and Quarter Finals take place, and Sunday will play host to all Semi Finals and Finals. How does the tournament work? The PvP Championship will take place on tournament worlds and all combatants will have access to max stats and max equipment. Restrictions will be in place on gear and inventory set-up. A maximum of six saradomin brews may be taken in to each battle, and elysian spirit shields are restricted. Competitor Information Before applying please read the below: Applications are open from 13th July to 27th July. Teams who are competing will be contacted on the same day as applications close (27th). You must be available to compete between 4pm UTC / 12pm EST - 10:30pm UTC / 6:30pm EST on Saturday 12th and between 4:45pm UTC / 12:45pm EST - 9:45pm UTC / 5:45pm EST on Sunday 13th. One representative from each team will be required to submit an application. One representative from each competing team will be required to register their team through submission of a memberlist by August 4th - we require a memberlist of 8 players for the 5v5 (allowing for 3 substitutes) and a memberlist of 25 for the 20v20 (allowing for 5 substitutes). Note that not providing memberlists will result in your team being replaced by another applicant. Failure to attend with the required number of registered members (5 for the 5v5, and 20 for the 20v20) will result in forfeit. Each successful team is required to submit a team logo adhering to these conventions: a .png at least 400x400 in size. One representative from each competing team will be required to sit in the PvP Championship Discord server to ensure ease of information sharing (link will be given ahead of the tournament). Note that it's encouraged to have the entire team present in our Discord server to allow for listen-ins for the stream. ApplicationsApplications must be submitted by one representative from each team. Applications close on July 27th. 5v5 Applications The application for the 5v5 tournament can be found here 20v20 Applications The application for the 20v20 tournament can be found here
  16. Outcome: Goodjob to all clans that participated and gave their members mega action! The results turned out in favour of the Blue team 2-1. Congratulations Outburst and Special Forces. The link to the topic; https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/36581-blue-vs-red-100v100-2-1/ Signature: Talked to a few people, and turns out nobody was doing signature. Agreed to do it myself etc. Ok so I made an animated signature but some parts are transparent which forces for white pixels unless the matte is the same colour as the forum background. Now because this signature is likely to be used on more than 1 community (i.e. different background colours) I had to make individual ones for each forums: Sharkbrew Outburst Special Forces If you need it in any other background colour let me know. Thanks to: Sharkbrew staff for organizing event and turning up. Lenin for gfx. xLPC clans and mature ranks for coming on and giving their members action.
  17. Due to a recent events and actions by one of our Gatekeepers @@Singles he will be receiving a temporary demotion until further notice. I apologize to the ranks and members of Outburst we don't want this to be your view of our forums or staff team. Anyone with comments or concerns query me on irc /Moni or msg me on forums.
  18. On July the 3rd, ranks of Sharkbrew & representatives of various xLpcs gathered on TS for a small meeting which lasted for an hour or so. We agreed on the following: 1) Combat cap of 70 (Ascent asked for a cb 65 cap), while the 65 should stay the average ish in the memberlist. 2) No overheads in clan wars 3) Massing for trips at 4pm est, start at 4:30pm. So, as some of you have already noticed, we've decided to give xLpcs a chance at the WCOTM, in the hope of promoting wilderness & eventually clan wars activity amongst the lilguys. If everything goes by the plan, we'd also love to host a xLpc version of the RvB, probably 2v2. Currently we're waiting for all xLpc's to assign clan ambassadors, finish their memberlists & recruitment topics so we could open the WCOTM tracker. Clans who hasn't met the requirements for the WCOTM: Bad Timing @ bt black son @@byronbanks Rampage @@RyanTheG @@DLPHN GANG All suggestions regarding the point system, guidelines & rules are more than welcome.
  19. After a months worth of fighting I'm pleased to announce the Sharkbrew Miniwar tournament is over. I would like to thank all the clans and teams who participated and we hope more clans will sign up in any future events we undertake. Also a thanks to all ranks who helped with any decision making during the length and course of the event. Without further ado here are the winning sigs (thanks to @ ). Both Supremacy and Unbreakable will be receiving user service awards. F2P Bracket P2P Bracket #Overseer #Counselor #Mediator #Gatekeeper #Kingpin #Veteran #Member
  20. Since you guys have closed, we shall unban you from sharkbrew. Feel free to reopen, but if so much as anyone who threatens this site or any of my ranks, you will be instantly banned without prior warning
  21. New Promotion Schedule Unlike a clan where there obvious need for background checks and long vetting process before a member can become a rank, sharkbrew, as a community site, has little privacy concerns to worry about. Previously, we operated on a 3 monthish promotion schedule that resulted in many apps with good potential going MIA. To mitigate such potential loss of future talent, we will be running ad-hoc promotions whenever we receive good applications. New Promotions Without further ado, let us welcome @ @@Soniqs @@dull as our new gatekeepers. Like all promotions, they will be on a 2 week trial and can be demoted without warning
  22. Hello fello' Sharkbrewians. We have attempted to contact Jagex on Reddit regarding our community and existence. We have tried to lay out our desire to communicate with them and improve clanning experience for all. I hope you will set aside your rivalries and hatred for anyone personal just this once and simply support this post as we all have mutual benefits in this. This may be the begining of a new era of clanning. Click Here Please upvote and support our cause. I don't get any personal gain out of this. We are doing this for the PvP clanning communities. #Overseer #Mediator #Gatekeeper #Retired #Ambassador
  23. Clans can only declare twice(1 P2P/1 F2P) per week(every Monday 00:00 EST to Sunday 23:59 EST). This means clans can make up to a maximum of 8 declarations per month. Declaring clan receives full COTM points equivalent 3-0 fight for ignored declarations. Ignoring/Forfeit a declaration(i.e. not fighting the declaring clan within 2 weeks) will result loss of 1 point in the COTM. Ignoring a declaration will null a clan's eligibility to win WCOTM and COTM(with effect from 17th Jul 17) https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/30907-new-declaration-rules/ #Ambassador Take note
  24. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/30907-new-declaration-rules/ The new rules supersede the previous changes and applies to all declarations posted after the 17th Key highlights: Minimum opt for the fight must be 20v20 or 40% of smaller clan's memberlist(whichever is higher) <-- Down from 50% Clans are given 2 weeks to respond to the declaration. Opponents shall provide a screenshot of their memberlist if necessary or else it will count as a ignore/forfeit. Clans can only declare twice(1 P2P/1 F2P) per week(every Monday 00:00 EST to Sunday 23:59 EST) against clans they had not declared on before in that month. This means clans can make up to a maximum of 8 declarations per month. <-- Clans can only declare against the same clan twice, 1 p2p 1 f2p Declaring clan receives full COTM points equivalent to a 3-0 fight for ignored declarations. <-- You will receive COTM according to the opts declared, e.g. +2 for 40v40, etc. Do note that all anti prep farming point deduction apply so if you prepped a clan more than twice in a month, you shouldn't declare on them in the last 2 weeks. Ignoring/forfeiting a declaration will result in a 3 point penalty from final COTM score <-- We felt that auto DQ from COTM and WCOTM was too harsh. In the past 2 COTMs, The 3 clans with the highest points in the last 2 COTMs were within 3 points of each other and thus this point penalty should be suffice in tipping the balance.
  25. Ok so we're changing COTM to a point based system instead of the brown sticky stuff W/L thing which we always do. it'll be based more off of who gets the most preps and how many points you can rack up doing F2P or P2P preps! Ok so here's how it's going to work. F2P Prep (If You Win) = 1 Point P2P Prep (If You Win) = 1.5 Points Anything above a 40v40 in either F2P or P2P = Extra +1 Point Fullout Win = +5 Points Side Information To Win COTM, 6 Points is the minimum This system will be implemented in July Anything below a 40v40 doesn't involve gaining extra points it's just a regular win! These are the timeframes in which preps will be counted in Start: The first day of the month at 1 P.M EST End: The last day of the month at 6 P.M EST Change to the minimum for "what counts as a prep" (Anything below a 25v25 wont count as a prep) This only applies to MPC's and HPC"s, For LPC's it's 20v20 min (The only reason P2P preps are worth more is because MASSIVE amount of preps per month are F2P and we feel we should encourage people to start doing more P2P Preps! Now, some of you are going to ask "Why didnt you guys do the points per round in which some of the ambassadors suggest?" Answer: Well to be fair we went through alot of scenarios in which clans can abuse this. Also, something to remember is that if we implemented that system we can differentiate points between F2P and P2P if it's based on rounds because the point differential will either be to massive or to minuscule to even matter. We're trying to push for more P2P not keep it the same way it is atm. Now referring back to what to I said earlier I can see clans abusing the system in a way which a clan wins 0-2 and may be allies with the other clan and the other clan can throw for more points. Also approaching months end we've seen clans throw entire preps and with a point system throwing a 3-0 prep is much worse for us then throwing a regular prep.
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