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Found 185 results

  1. It was brought to our attention that Phil, a Sharkbrew rank, had leaked an RL name of someone in another clan. Upon investigation, it was clear that he made the terrible judgement call in retaliation to a person leaking the details of his close RL friend. @Andy has spoken to the clan ranks who leaked the aforementioned details and we hope that the issue would be addressed shortly. Phil has apologized and we are closing this incident off with a warning. In regular circumstances, we do not condone DOXing on this site or by our ranks, however in light of present circumstances where DOXing seems to be gradually accepted by the community, @holydreams will be hosting an Ambassador meeting later this Thursday to clamp down on this issue. I would like to thank Andy for taking the lead in resolving this situation and Phil for coming clean for what he has done. We will not disclose the name of the clan who leaked Phil's details but we are grateful to said ranks for taking the complaint and acting on it
  2. This month's COTM has been hotly contested and I would like to congratulate Unbreakable and Phoenix for reaching to the tiebreaker round of the September. S/O to Misfits for stepping into the clan wars arena, and the community appreciate your efforts on becoming a 2 server clan. ------------------ This month's COTM has been difficult to judge as both Unbreakable and Phoenix used a number of nefarious methods of faking their score such as: Faked opt topics Faked round topics Prepping clans with far less experience than themselves. These activities has significantly wasted alot of time on our end and we will be implementing new rules to stop such shenanigans, with that said, we were thrust into a scenario where the point difference to determine a tiebreaker fell onto 2 p2p topics of UB(fake video) and 1 topic of Phoenix(Fake opts). Thus as both clans were equally at fault, we felt that we cannot null one side without doing so to the other as we don't have any regulations to determine severely of offence. If we added topics of UB, they will reach a tiebreak If we nulled UB topics, we would have to null PX's 1 and there will be a tiebreak as well Thus the final decision of the staff team is for UB and PX to tiebreak off later this month. Considering UB only mass prepped towards the end of the month to pipe up to PX, we feel that they should be able to handle anything PX throws at them. Phoenix will be deciding the rules of the prep, once the rules have been finalized, memberlist will be locked and the fight shall proceed. If UB declines PX's rules, the award will go to PX. @Phoenix ranks please prepare the rules and your memberlist within 48 hours. Any outlandish rules or prep dates that are out of the ordinary will not be accepted. @UB please prepare your memberlist. Memberlist will be locked in 48 hours.
  3. Its that time again to round up fresh blood and even old blood to help the community. These individuals and I have sat down and got to the conclusion that we want to help the community flourish. This is what they're here to do. They will take part in numerous of events such as an upcoming red vs blue(s), tournaments, brewcup, and much more. Congratulations, @Backstabbed @Brap @DULL @H0W3 @Fazing @TheBean As usual, these new Gatekeepers will be set to a 2 week trial, closely keeping an eye on their activity and moderating capabilities. If you're interested in being a gatekeeper, message me on the forums. Thank you. We will be posting a list of organizations later in the week so you can see what we all do. In hopes of this, better communication can come out of it and even brainstorming within our beautiful community. Make to review Lenin's topic. It goes into revamping both COTM & WCOTM. Make sure to comment if you enjoy the new revamp or, discuss what can make it better. Our Yearly Awards will be released on February 1st. @Member @Veteran @Kingpin @Ambassador @Gatekeeper @Mediator @Counselor
  4. 2017 is probably one of the most active years of Pure Clanning since Pre-EOC inspite of lesser population of players in Runescape. Even during our periods where our reach and activity had abated, and naysayers were predicting our demise, The Pure Community has shown resilience and grit in preserving this community. Once again I would like to thank all the Individuals and Clan Leaders who are still maintaining the 1 def scene for the greater good of the community. Sharkbrew Clanning Awards This year, Sharkbrew has taken steps in mitigating the skewed voting patterns that resulted a single clan winning majority of the awards. In the current multi clanning environment and where clan allegiance changes weekly, it was not feasible to ban people from voting for their own clan. Our solution for this year involves a simple statistical method that removes extremities and only counting votes from the majority(95%). Judging by the results, we are pleased to see that the results are fairly accurate to the general consensus of the community perception rather than being bias again a certain group of clans. This further legitimizes the winner of the awards as mass voting is negated completely. P.S. Unfortunately we have decided to null the most honorable clan award simply because the top 5 clans from the results were involved in DOXing/DDOSing/Mains like 2 weeks ago =.= Results: For those interested in the technical bits, you may view the processes in his spoiler. For the rest of you who just wants to see the award sigs: @Member @Veteran @Ambassador @Kingpin Thanks to EOP Jack for creating the sigs Feel free to review the voting results in the excel sheet provided below. sharkbrew.xlsx
  5. Today's update is the 2nd part of out approximately 10 updates to transform Sharkbrew into a value service provider for Clans and Pkers alike. First I would like to introduce our discord server. Majority of the forum rules still apply in there. In the future, we will funnel new Pures from our site or ingame onto Sharkbrew discord to aid you guys with recruitment. The homepage has been created using the latest web responsive framework, Bootstrap 4. Previously our homepage was simply a landing page to redirect users, this practice resulted in lost engagement with the users especially when a fair number of visitors to our site are new to the community. This is especially alarming when I realize that out of the 40,000~ impressions that sharkbrew receives a month, almost 60% of those impressions always go through our home page Therefore I have added a number of user interaction tools that are also designed to help Clans capture some of those traffic Account Matching System(Beta/Experimental stage) New players can now enter their RSNs to get redirected to an appropriate recruitment forum of their choice Clan Aftermath Advertising System Recent aftermath topics(~2-3 days) are pulled from the system and the top topics have their first video thumbnail records and posted onto the front of the site. There will be a topic posted later this week in ambassador boards advising clan ranks on how to best improve their topics to capture this new audience. With the completion of the homepage base, Memberlists will be up soon. Promotions Earlier this week, I promoted a @Lenin and @Andy to Counselor, now it is the time for the senior high rank promotion. Both these ranks have demonstrated their loyalties to my leadership and to Sharkbrew time after time, and they have always came back even after I have let them down. @Kim - Anyone could have seen this coming from mile away. You started out as a diligent low rank completed her assigned tasks to the T, to a Senior rank who capable of handling almost all aspect of the site. Throughout your tenure on Sharkbrew, you have shown diligence, perseverance and determination. You've been able to work through obstacles despite overwhelming odds and you are never the person to back down or admit defeat. You were willing to challenge ideas by people who, more often than not, often treated you with condescension because of your gender. On the flip side, you showed extraordinarily amount of patience working with people, and As one of my people's person rank, you took on the responsibility of being spokeswoman of sharkbrew, helping me to relay ideas to concerned individuals and shouldering the emotional toll of sorting out disputes between disgruntle parties With your promotion to Overseer, I am extremely proud to see you holding the same rank as I do. @Moni - N/A
  6. Referring to @slushpuppys topic earlier on we're looking to balance out the staff team and include more of a variety from all clans. Welcome @holydreams who is one of the highest ranking officials in Final Ownage Elite and one of our most active users. Welcome @N Ranger who is representing Against All Odds, a old school clan that has stuck around with us for quite awhile but hasn't mad proper representation and we hope to change that. Welcome @Evan who is representing Intense Redemption. Evan has provided insight and judgement when needed. Hopefully, we'll see more of him now that he is promoted. Gl to both, it'll be a pleasure working with you.
  7. I always tried to run sharkbrew with impartiality but this is seriously pushing it. I am not sure which brainless twat in your clan decided to hack an esteemed rank of the sharkbrew community who was not only running a public tournament, but actively working on the fixing the LPC/MPC scene. Moreover your clan benefits quite a fair bit from the competitions we run regularly, i.e. WCOTM Some of you are gunna say "lolwhat" but I know you tried to stop using sharkbrew a couple of months ago. Legitimately, none of the mains actually give a brown sticky stuff about your clan on Zybez so you guys came crawling back. So here's the deal, all your topics will be removed, i.e. banter/aftermath topics until you compensate Lenin fairly for inconveniencing him. If you are going to cry over the whole villager thing, might I remind you that your clan made use of his death publicly instead of keeping it within your rank team, so it's fair game. Payment of RSGP 300m to Lenin before you can continue to post topics on Sharkbrew. #Mediator Also if any CD sb ranks knew about it or partook in the hacking, they will be banned and demoted accordingly.
  8. In light of the OSRS mobile announcement, we realized that there will be new opportunities for the Pure Community and Sharkbrew, coming from the increased user base and a new players of a completely new generation with far different expectations and motivations. In order to capture this new audience, sharkbrew needed to adapt to the changes around us, so for the past 4 months the sharkbrew rank team has hard at work building up new ideas and systems to tackle this problem. These ideas will create a better and more active environment for Pure community and Sharkbrew. With these new ideas and systems, we will need a bigger rank team. A bigger rank team means I'll need more senior ranks to coordinate the system, thus, congratulations to the following: @Andy - You have proven yourself to be extremely loyal and a dedicated hard worker. Your ability to put aside clan and personal differences will see you excel at your latest position as a Counselor @Lenin - As one of the few Sharkbrew ranks with relevant hard skills, you definitely climbed the promotion ladder quicker than most and your spontaneity at solving problems and volunteering solutions makes the Counselor position deserving of you. I urge everyone to show our latest high ranks their total support and feel free to approach anyone of us if you have issues or questions. Stay tune later this week for the homepage/memberlist fix/and the launch of the Sharkbrew's very own Discord!
  9. Hello Everyone! I'm proud to present our new Community Service Section(s). I'm sure many of you are aware as Sharkbrew expands we constantly look for something new and exciting to reinvigorate our site and hopefully this new section will bring out much-needed change and hopefully allow us to prosper as a site. With this new section in time, we will use our earnings to fund much-needed prizes in tournaments,COTM,WCOTM and even more exciting events that we host. Now we will be releasing other sections of RWT shortly but we will be using the "Services" section as more of a test run and start it to kick things off and see how everyone reacts to it! Here are the sections for the Account Services section Service Application Section -> This is where the Rules and Regulations will be posted along with the application to do Services. Minigame Services Section -> This section includes all Minigame Services such as , Barbarian Assult,Defenders,Void,Fire Cape,Inferno Cape and Mage Arena 2. SKill Training Section -> This section will contain all of the Skill Training Services that vary on any skill on Oldschool Runescape. Questing Services Section -> This section will contain Questing Services to obtain Mith->B Gloves or any individual quest. If you have ANY questions at all please message a @Counselor or @Overseer , Thank You!
  10. Thank you for your patience, I have finally released the Memberlist system https://www.sharkbrew.com/?/memberlist/. In this new release, I have also packaged a damage and binds tracker for all Memberlist admins. Since the ML has been partially recoded from scratch to work with IPB4, please bear with me if you run into issues with the system. Post any bugs in this topic and I will fix them in time. With the release of the Memberlist, Brewcup Winter Tournament will be announced very shortly. Feel free to review this topic and drop me a PM on discord if you need help or want to suggest ideas @Ambassador @Veteran @Member @VIP @Kingpin
  11. The New System For quite a long time we have had great competition within both systems. Lately, the community has been facing a lack of activity in the wilderness and largely in clan wars. Besides this, other internal problems within each system have caused some frenzy as well. We have been attempting to revamp both systems for a few months and now have decided to merge the systems within a table system harboured in standings much like in Soccer. Your wilderness AND prep activity will contribute to a monthly score which will determine your standing in the Clan Table. One of the important thing we want this merge to do is allow clans to reflect on any negative actions they might be committing. For example, if you bring mains or cape switch, that sort of behaviour will reflect directly onto your monthly score. Another example is, if you only do one server or only preps, this system will encourage ranks to pursuit the other server or the wilderness. We, as the staff, do not want to intervene or punish clans, but rather influence them. Note that we have contacted most clan ranks and collected information via Sharkbrew Ambassador boards & pms/IRC for several weeks now. Most of the feedback recieved has been pro-merge. Remember, most of these rules/changes were decided collectively. This system will be launched starting February. I will be responsible for coding the system with Slush's help. If this goes well I'll be able to help Slush to lift some pressure of him as well & scripts for your clans. Contents 1. Table Standings System 2. Merged System Benefits 3. Points System & Rules Table Standings System Example: https://i.gyazo.com/775723a5bd7605d151bf958f4f6ce992.png With a table/standings structure, the community will be able to visually see who is currently on top. Why is this beneficial/relevant? 1. Opinions are one thing, and an actual table demonstrating monthly performance is another i.e. pure statistics, both in the wilderness and in clan wars. 2. Visual view of all clan's standings instead of searching through a large list & top/low tier view, both monthly and annually. 3. Easier to handle farming via declarations. 4. Easier to determine who is in the lead if a tiebreaker occurs e.g. w/l ratio. Priority: Total points, W/L ratio, Main shame, and Ignorers Shame. 5. Peak pulls will be recorded and placed on the table for just another statistical factor, but will not be used within the system to determine winners or tiebreakers. Merged System Benefits Why is this merge beneficial? 1. Clans must compete in both CW and Wildy, not just one. This means a clans overall performance will speak, not just one factor e.g. stronger core in clan wars. 2. No clan can abuse ONLY one system alone to gain an award or attack another clan's chances at winning. 3. Unacceptable tactics are punished overall. If a clan uses mains in the wilderness, they will also be punished in terms of clan wars activity. 4. People can't attack one award e.g. WCOTM for farmed wins, and will have to bow down to a single winner competing both in CW and Wildy. I.e. its easier to farm for WCOTM or COTM only than both at the same time. 5. Easier to handle and be more productive for a single system - ALL staff working on one system (more brainpower) than split 4-3 on diff. systems. 6. No need to have tons of rules, guidelines etc. topics all around the place. e.g. COTM has topics in 3 diff. sections whilst WCOTM has topics in diff. places too. Its confusing or not structured. Less reading for clan ranks. Points System & Rules Clan Wars scoring Only BO3s and BO5s (extra +0.10) count. 2 BO3s OR 1 BO3 & 1 BO5 counts per day. F2P and P2P wins give +0.50 points. No server difference. 25v25 minimum. 35v35+ adds +0.10. 45v45+ adds +0.20. 50v50+ adds +0.30. 80v80+ adds +1. No participation or loss points given/taken. Wilderness scoring Verified Weekend Trips, F2P and P2P gives +0.40. Verified Midweeks +0.05. Minimum pull will be devised. Verified PKRIs +0.10. Minimum pull will be devised. For PKRI topics to be Verified, we expect to see good evidence of action against well-established pure clans. Randoms or Mains clans/teams will count as a Midweek. You can only get 2 topics Verified per day, Midweek and/or PKRI, one for EST and one for GMT. We will need solid evidence of the times. This means you can have either a PKRI or Midweek topic per EST and GMT. More detail on timezones will be out in the mega-thread soon. Breaking rules If a clan is verified to using mains, their standings will be effected for -1 points, and the topic at hand will be negated & tagged as 'MAIN'. This sets them back pretty far. Clans using mains will have column between 1/8 and 8/8 on the table for shame. Within clan wars, usage of cape switching, breaking base rules etc. will lead to the topic being negated. Other clans can dispute preps they weren't involved in. Declarations Maximum of 2 declarations per month. Clans can declare between 10th and 20th. Clans are given 5 days to respond. The declaration prep must occur within the month. Clans can only declare on a clan 1 +/- basis e.g. if A is first, B is second, C is third, and D is fourth, then B can only declare on A or C, not D. This prevents farming to a degree. Ignoring declarations -0.25. Ignored winners get +0.25 (server/opts etc. do not matter). Ignorers will have column between 1/2 and 2/2 on the table for shame. This prevents opt farming. Fighting and winning declarations leads to the base clan-wars points & an additional +0.20. Tiebreaker/End-of-month Face-off If the top two clans are within 1 points of each other, they will have to battle it out. The clan in the lead will decide the server ONLY. Rest of the details can be negotiated or base rules will apply. Some relevant changes Other clans who weren't involved in a clan wars prep can dispute regardless - since it affects their standings +/-. We will not act or intervene until a clan decides to dispute. We expect strong evidence on any dispute. Default minimum for preps has been increased to 25v25. If a prep opt count is set to or below 50% of the smaller clans ML, clans are expected to pull the correct amount assuming the opt count was decided. If a clan fails to pull that and win they get -0.10 less points. But if they loose, the opposing clan gets an extra +0.10. If both clans fail to pull the amount before the agreed time, this rule is nulled, whether one clan's pull picks up or not. Everyone expects ranks to put effort in to pull.
  12. Sharkbrew Clanning Wiki I have managed to find the time to recode the wiki for IPB4 compatibility, so here it is! https://www.sharkbrew.com/wiki/Main_Page With this wiki relaunch, we will be expanding the focus to beyond just preserving the legacy of our community, but also to create a community-led effort in creating guides to help newer players integrate into our community. The launch of the ULPC tier and OSRS mobile in the coming months will accelerate this need dramatically as these new players do not know the idiosyncrasies of pure clanning. https://www.sharkbrew.com/wiki/Free-to-Play_Warring_Guide https://www.sharkbrew.com/wiki/Pull https://www.sharkbrew.com/wiki/Prep Thus Sharkbrew hopes that our wiki guides can take the burden off having to recreate guides if you start a new clan, or trying to teach newbies how to war. And to reiterate, this wiki can also be used to create an lasting historical page on your clan(s): https://www.sharkbrew.com/wiki/Supremacy https://www.sharkbrew.com/wiki/The_Last_Pures https://www.sharkbrew.com/wiki/Eruption_Of_Pures https://www.sharkbrew.com/wiki/Final_Ownage_Elite As long as you have a sharkbrew account with more than 10pc, you may create or edit a page. However such changes will need to be approved by Sharkbrew Ranks @Veteran @Member @Ambassador @Kingpin
  13. Hello, "Sharkbrew" and "Visitors" my name is -Harrison T. Holt- or feel free to cal me by my Rsn: Ah Boo or by Rsn: Perpsi. Time zone: GMT/U.S Central I'm a 21 year old from Southern Texas and THE founder of "Perpetual Suffering" tag: (#perp) a 1def pure clan, among-st three other Co-Owners Rsn: Zane NZ, Rsn: HIT EM and owner Rsn: nh saphaxous. We used to be members that of clan Purepks, but as of recent events the clan was abandoned, thus resulting in the collapse of clan Purepks. After the collapse of Purepks and me already in the process of making a new clan, three other members and I sought out to salvage and save that of what we could from Purepks and begin too build from what we could save. In no time, a new clan rapidly emerged, giving birth to clan "Perpetual Suffering." With this new clan of ours, steadily continue to grow bigger and stronger, our goals and standards of what we expect as a clan have not changed! We strive to become one of the most respected, well structured, organized and trusted clans in RuneScape, while also meeting the needs and wants that of our clan members, in ways everyone can agree on and benefit from! Feel free to Pm for any questions you may have! -Founder of Perpetual Suffering Ah Boo
  14. We have came to an amicable agreement to mutually advertise events hosted by either of us. Louis and Kicks has also been kind enough to lend us their extraordinary live streaming talent for use in Sharbrew events as well(abeit in their own channel). Additionally, Louis and Kicks are well known in the main and zerk community, so if you ever need assistance in that area, feel free to hit them up! You may view some examples here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/212013586 They will be personally sponsoring cash prizes until twitch gives them partnership, which from then, we will be able to expect much more prizes including drop parties etc. On the other note, my apologies for the delayed development of the memberlist, but things are coming around and I would expect an early preview sometime this friday.
  15. A new year and new opportunity for our community members to take part in helping the community. We're looking for Gatekeepers who'd be interested in helping us host events, current systems, and upcoming clanning projects that will be released later in the year. We're looking for a minimum of four new Gatekeepers. It doesn't matter what clan you're in, but the willingness to want to help the community to the best of your ability. Requirements: There is a minimum of 500 post count. We're able to give exceptions. No previous moderation required, we can teach you. No previous hosting required, we can teach you. The will to take on board of feedback and listen to instructions by staff members around you. You must be active within the pure community as well as Sharkbrew. You'll need to know what is going on currently within the pure community. Actively participating in discussions. Some time to spent in forum moderation such as hiding, warning any irrelevant posts on the website. Message me for the position or, any questions you may have regarding the position. Don't hesitate on messaging me. Make the step to help better the community. Reminders Sign-ups are Mini-Brewcup will be closed tomorrow. Sharkbrew Clan Awards voting will be closed on January 5th. We've released a topic regarding Payouts. Please vote on the topic so I can have a better idea on what YOU want from the community.
  16. Recently, a sharkbrew rank posted a topic depicting inhumane content. This is totally unacceptable for a rank and necessary action has been taken. We apologize to anyone who may have been offended by that picture. I have also introduced a new rule regarding recent behavior of mass tagging/pming clans members from opposing clan. Please take the time to review the new Anti harassment/bullying rule
  17. Hi there peeps. We've made some small changes to the COTM rules & guidelines. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/38014-cotm-master-rules-and-regulations/ The main ones are: Other clans will be able to dispute preps they weren't involved in. Why? If A wins a cheat-win off B, then C is directly effected on the bracket. We do require solid evidence, no hearsay. More on this in section 2 & 4. Bo5 will no longer count at the last 3 days of the month, not 5. Thought it was a bit too much. Preps count through the entire month starting from first day at 12:00PM Noon (EST) up until the last day/next month at 00:00AM (EST). Preps done last month will not count to the next. Tie-breakers area. Also, please welcome @holydreams and @Tyendinaga to the COTM team. We will keep serving the community. Also, to ranks, please prep -.- @Member @Veteran @Ambassador
  18. COTM Moni will be retiring from the COTM and I will be taking over it starting December. Big thanks to him for the phenomenal amount of work he has done on the system. We have been discussing about improving/revamping the systems we have (both COTM & WCOTM), and once we have evaluated all the ideas within the staff team we'll be finalizing it and presenting it to everyone. We hope to improve clanning and increase ingame activity. If you have any suggestions send us a PM (esp. if you're a ambassador). Old Ambassador I personally loved the old ambassador icon , and want to see it return. So.. it will be given to any ambassador upon request - for those people that have been a rank at a clan for over 2 years and have ambassador. If you want to apply for ask one of the Counselors+. Graphics Section The graphics section is pretty much revamped and we're in the process of trying to get designers and video editors from different communities to come on board, get into the section and offer their services as well. This should give you guys more options when choosing who to buy art work from as well. It should also increase the activity in the section. Theme & Forum Changes Based on the feedback we got from the Theme Decisions thread, we have made some changes. We have: fixed some mobile compatibility issues, changed avatars to square, added a few plugins, coded a few extra scripts. The forum structure has also been getting a revamp as well. We hope to give main and zerk clans some room in our community. Profile Changes We have setup a Social plugin for those wanting to link their accounts on Discord, Skype, Reddit, YouTube etc. onto their profiles which are visible on the posting pane as well (Picture). This can be done by clicking on the dropdown icon next to your name, and selecting Social Info. We've also enabled Two-step Authentication for anyone wishing to secure their accounts further (Picture). Discord The use of Discord has increased in the clanning scene. Its a pretty good communication software and we've made use of it as well. We've also enabled a plugin at the sidebar on the index page. Join Sharkbrew's Discord https://discord.gg/cEZSMYs Tournament The holiday is coming which means more clanning activity. This also means we'll be hosting atleast two events for clans to partake and have fun in. We'll post a topic about this soon when we've discussed it with ambassadors.
  19. Hey, We made some updates around the forums in the recent days. We have upgraded the site and the loading speed should improve for many of our users. Let us know if you are still having issues loading certain pages. Some of our systems should be restored by next month. Cheers! ~Kim @Member @Veteran @Kingpin @Ambassador
  20. I just enabled mobile skin aspect of the site, Due to popular request, signature height has been expanded to 500px. Stay tune later this week for further updates, including homepage relaunch/Memberlist/wiki systems
  21. I would like to inform our community, that a group of clan leaders from the LPC scene had a meeting involving LPC Combat Caps, Rockman, and mains. In a unanimous vote, all leaders present voted to not split the LPC Scene and the MPC scene as this provided more action to the scene. The next agreement was the this scene would be determined by Def Caps and not combat caps, unless this caps were established by the clan. This here shouldn't have happened today: Every clan leaders agreed not to do this. Almost every clan was clean today. We have heard excuses from Fearless members stating that they only bring mains because of these 'supposed' MPC accounts in other clans. We don't want this becoming the scene that CD/OP/Rage experienced. Keep it clean and don't make waste product excuses. This is warning to all of you; don't bring mains. Our penalty system is going to be officially pushed on February the 1st. Your ambassadors are still able to make disputes in the lounge. If you see mains in other clan's aftermath topics, feel free to tag me. Although, Critical Damage does not post on here. They will still be punished. Critical Damage & Fearless' Saturday and Sunday topics for this weekend will not be allowed to be posted, if continued, they will be warned for spamming and further punishment can occur.
  22. Unfortunately due to recent events, it is clear to me that a certain clan's influence has been dominating our rank team, therefore I would like to put out an urgent request for members from the following clans: FOE AAO EOP - Dull & Parm
  23. The rules have finally been updated and we expect everyone to follow them accordingly. We wish to create a healthy and productive website. Remember that you cannot blame the community for toxicity if you reflect that behaviour minutes later. If we are to expand, grow and establish ourselves as a professional & dedicated PvP and Clanning community, our behaviour has to mirror that. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/38409-the-ground-rules-guidelines/ The rules will be enforced immediately. Additionally, Sub-Section Rules or [SSR]s will be released in different categories. The link above, which is the Grand Rules & Guidelines, is like the master-rules to the entire community. I hope to see all of us in a new-era of clanning in the near future. @Overseer @Counselor @Mediator @Gatekeeper @Retired @Kingpin @Veteran @Ambassador @Member
  24. As we have upgraded our forums last week. We've been looking forward to releasing new systems and new content for our community. This calls for new people to be promoted for their work and attitude around our community. We will be promoting some of Gatekeepers to Mediator! Further a-do, Welcome back an old face and welcome a familiar face! Gatekeeper @Tyendinaga - As an individual and as a friend, he has looked out for the best community and analyzed different POVs. He is a someone that works hard and tries to stand up for lower clans to higher clans. Welcome back, old friend. We expect greatness from you! @Whisky - We have asked you to take a position on this community forums for quite some time. You don't let your personal opinion get ahead of you. Since we've upgraded to these forums, you have helped us with small issues on the forums. I personally hope to see you find a passion within Sharkbrew and ride with it! Gatekeeper -> Mediator @B-ryan - You have thought about outside of the box for different systems for Sharkbrew. You're not afraid to voice out your opinions and you truly care for the betterment of the community. From the point, you have been promoted, you have always offered your help even when it was for small tasks. I hope with this promotion, your eagerness doesn't change. Keep up the good work! @Koed Beastly - You're a hard-worker. You are someone who works for perfection and nothing less than that. You won't stop putting work into a project until its finished. As for you, @Koed Beastly I also hope for you that this doesn't change with this promotion. @B-ryan & @Koed Beastly you have both earned this promotion. Make us proud! Ambassador & Mediator Applications As our systems are down.. Don't hesitate to message me on Sharkbrew Messenger or IRC. Our requirements for Ambassadors Must have a ML You must be a rank and evidence of being one on your header. Message me on regards of being a Mediator
  25. We've upgraded the forums to 4.2, which will definitely serve us all well. We're still doing a lot of upgrades and changes right now. Some of the functions aren't going to be fully functional atm. If you see anything wrong let us know. The bright theme will be disabled and later removed. We have installed a darker theme and will keep modifying it as we see necessary. I hope you all like it. Let us know if you have any ideas on improving the community, the theme or anything in general. We're discussing a lot of changes to Sharkbrew, COTM and WCOTM. We'll keep you updated.
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