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Found 84 results

  1. Retiring from GFX in a few months people. Worked with many clans in different scenes and made thousands of moneys. Ty sharkbrew and friends!
  2. 2 templates, 1 to represent clan wars, the other to represent wildy. DM me on discord to nego. both should preferably have similar design themes but with clear differentiation between wildy and cwa. need PSD looking to pay 40m per template
  3. some simple stuff, thought it looked cool
  4. F I N A L O W N A G E E L I T E P K I N G V I D E O #5 It's been awhile since the last pking video of any clan. I wanted to go back to our roots and continue this forgotten tradition and managed to put together a nice pking video. There's a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy Loved making it, hope you'll love it too. https://www.foe-rs.com/
  5. made this earlier today, havent done any type of graphics in a few months, definitely feel rusty
  6. An update to the banners that I've done over 2019 together with the previous 3 that I posted before. I can see my drawing style and coloring style slowly progressing through. This is just an art journal that I'm keeping up with of RS illustrations. Although, one of these takes an incredible amount of time to finish, it is always fun do one of these. Hopefully I can get another chance to work with all y'all again in the future.
  7. Some stuff I've never posted over the past couple months. Last works with the old set of tools. Open for orders and offering same day completion depending on the time of day. Hit me. robbyy#5880
  8. bang my line lol robbyy#5880
  9. Resistance would like to thank Leaks#5212 for the sweet clan set he made us over in Resistance! Thanks for helping us rebrand. https://clan-rs.com/forums/
  10. Hmu people, can do logos, banners and all the good stuff
  11. Comment on the channel if you really like :3
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