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Found 24 results

  1. Advertisement for myself: Forum gfx: Signatures: Avatars: Misc: (Too bad RP closed before I got paid)
  2. robbyy

    showcase recent work zzz

    not all of it but some have requested to be kept private. switching from cs6 to cc 2019 today so everything's about to get way cooler.
  3. Signatures Banners Avatars Awards
  4. Izad

    showcase Pot head siggy

    Mike Wazowski ❤️
  5. Izad

    showcase Izad's Showcase #2

    Avatars Awards/VS GFX Dividers
  6. Had some work in the past few days, let me know what you think.If you need any services drop a PM. Xerxes - Private Server Dozers - Streamer/Youtuber The Plague - OSRS Pure Clan Forum (Large screenshot): https://i.gyazo.com/8177ef9708054365638bf4587b446fb3.png Detrimental - OSRS Pure Clan

    showcase izad has done a wicked job

    @Izad has done a really good job on making my clans video introduction, forum dividers, signature and a clan banner he has don a really good job at good value high recommend him and he is safe and reliable.
  8. God Guil

    showcase Graphics Discord

    Hey, guys. I wanted to set up a Graphics/VFX Design Discord. (If it already exists, hmu) Who ever designs, and does intros can join. So we can share the work we make, and ask opinions to each other. If we get enough numbers, we could make a nice community of it. So if you like the idea, and want to set it up let me know! - God Guil
  9. robbyy

    showcase Recent work

    open for orders, Merry Christmas robbyy#5880 on discord
  10. been a pleasure doing business, communicative and friendly / hmu for orders ~ robbyy#5880
  11. Tell me what you think about it, I handle critics, and do something with tips. edit: Maybe an option to make a Opinion channel, to show your work, and where you can drop opinions.
  12. Maxx

    showcase Banner for Defiance

    I'm back, hmu Maxx#4655 credits @Alan Rickman type design
  13. Vision

    showcase OD montage

  14. LeaksCity

    showcase New GFX in town - Leaks

    Hey people! How are we doing today? I have been doing GFX for mains for a while now, but I recently started doing some for pures too! Message me at Leaks#5212 on Discord
  15. Stayez

    showcase GFX Needed

    Looking for clan awards GFX pm on discord to discuss Stayez#7917
  16. https://youtu.be/eDYCZb1fGmg
  17. I was bored one day and decided to award some of my fellow ranks a siggy Congratulations to everyone, if you didn't win an award don't be discouraged. Favorite Overseer: @Moni Favorite Counselor: @Break Favorite Mediator: @Phebz Favorite Gatekeeper: @Eevee Favorite Discord Moderator: @mashy Favorite Rank: @Phebz Most Active: @mashy Most Useful: @slushpuppy Most Useless: @Kim Favorite Foreigner: @Koed Beastly Favorite American: @Phebz Most Likely to Ban You: @mashy Most Biased @Crafted After some out reach from the community, I will be doing community awards as well stay tuned. @Member @Veteran @Kingpin @Gatekeeper @Mediator @Counselor @Overseer
  18. Izad

    showcase Izad's Showcase #1

    Hello! Long time no see. Recently I've been making a lot of work for several clans and customers - so I thought I'd show some off! SIGNATURES BANNERS/DIVIDERS AWARDS A lot more to see in my portfolio http://izadgfx.imgur.com/
  19. If you would like a Pepe, drop a post and I will get to it when available.
  20. Kidjohnz

    showcase Sharkbrew's Logo

    I finished the new Sharkbrew's logo back in May, a complete revamp for the site's mascot. Any suggestions/C&C would be appreciated.