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What is your IRL name or nickname?


What are your web/gaming interests?

RS, Fortnite, just MMORPG's in general.

Do you have any IRL hobbies?

Nope, just work and play video games lol.


Are you a clanner? If so, which clan? If not, are you interested in clanning?

Not currently in a clan. I was in TLP a while back like yearssss ago. I may be interested in clanning in the future :)

Do you have a RuneScape account? If so, show us.


What are your goals with your account or clanning career?

I had a fully maxed 1 def pure in RS3 (Before it EoC, probably back in 06-07) , so I'm just shooting for maxed on current 1def 1 pray pure :) . 

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13 minutes ago, Electricity said:

hey brother :) . Do we have to reach a certain post count to change avatar?

I believe so ;)

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