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  1. JDM

    some1 update me plz

    getting walked to ditch is gg
  2. i agree, time for a new generation of legacy clans.
  3. JDM

    showcase Pot head siggy

    great work dude
  4. sad to see this from the bees. gl to wherever you go.
  5. JDM

    Guess Who

    Welcome back guy
  6. yall just gotta start pking in 308 to let the noobies know that there is a bigger pking community out there.
  7. JDM

    showcase New GFX in town - Leaks

    good stuff guy
  8. JDM

    pkri Thursday: Back to Normal

    main banter, nice action.
  9. JDM

    lpc Siege

    gl but like y tho