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40+ def account Looking for a med/main "rev" clan! -111cb med-

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517b08867a6b951488d5ce1ea5b148c9.png 111 combat

This is my stats, I have rigour/augury/piety/etc; 

I haven't played in a little over 3 months...because of the clan I was running #ToK & the ranks I had, they fucked me over.

I have a large clanning history...not even bothering to list them off, many will know who I am when they see the name "Kaz". 😁

P.S: Looking for a clan that is pretty much put together and overall pulls decently enough to have some good pk trips (preferably able to pull at-least 15-20+ almost any day of the week). Not looking for a brand new clan that wants to offer me a rank right away and barely has PK trips due to lack of members, if that's the case I'd stick to my original plan of Team of Killers (ToK) before my ranks fucked me over a couple months back and recruit myself some new members and ranks. A clan that plays DMM Seasonals / Finals is a BONUS (This is actually preferred)Please do NOT suggest or attempt to recruit me to a clan that nothing is going on in, as in limited or next to no activity due to lack of people.

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