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LF Pure Clan I'm 1 Def, 63 Cb

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Hi, I'm looking for a nice pure clan to engage with.

I am a 1 def, 63 cb pure with 74 str, 50 attack, 80 ranged, 82 magic (DT done) and 43 prayer.

What am I looking for?
Advice & fun with fellow account builds!

I seek advice in pking, fcape, practicing pking (duel arena, PoH or private servers), ...
I'm mostly active in the evening and in weekends. I live in Europe.

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Join NRG for Xlpc, great community, will learn alot. 

Join FOE for LPC.

Join Hydra for NTPC.

All 3 of these clans will give you great experience.


Alot of the DT members are going to Sup/FOE if that helps your choice at all.


Good luck! Also check out the recruitment topics for more in-depth information.



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