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[F2P] Fatality Bullies RS FT. O/UB.

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Saturday Rolled around and we massed up 40 Green Men, Later Peaking a 45 Pure Elites for our F2P Saturday Showdown featuring the majority of the clans out today. We had several fights against Outrage and Unbreakable and also today showcased us bullying Resistance. We caught them trying to pipe up against the mighty green machine and sent a clear message whom not to fuck with, Catch us tomorrow you freaks are dead. Thanks everyone all 45+ Who came for this sick F2P Saturday.




We Setup a fight against Resistance at Bandits, We defended and they rushed. Within seconds we took the upper hand and from there we never looked back. We kept pushing them around until Outrage and Legacy showed up to crash, We continued fighting for some time before pulling away and heading to the bank after destroying RS. A little birdie informed us here  that Resistance leadership was talking smack to the green giant. We knew this wasn't allowed.


We setup a fight with Outrage and they defended at Bandits, We rushed them and quickly got on top of them. We started going back and forth with kills and held our ground for several minutes fighting uninterrupted. We heard Resistance was coming to crash after getting derailed. We quickly turned on them once they logged in and forced them to go sprawling around the wilderness gasping for air as we drained the life out of their limbless bodies. We continued sending several unauthorized imports to the Lumbridge respawn.


We had several more fights with Outrage, All seeing Resistance and Unbreakable show up. Each and every time it ended up the same way, We would focus RS while, Outrage took care of UB. This happened in every occasion. Outrage easily ran Unbreakable all over the wilderness, While we completely mopped the floor with Resistance, Within seconds of crashing. Unbreakable was forced to take on both clans as Resistance was smoked, Their audio completely silent as they tired to scramble around the wilderness. We cleared them up every time and mutually agreed to bank with Outrage. Thanks for the fights.


Resistance decided to spam "FI  Sucks" at us like the 12 year old little girls they are. We decided we were going to teach these faggots a lesson. We got our last fight against them and all 42 Fatality Members were completely pumped. We rushed them at bandits and completely caught them off guard. We stuck to them like honey on bee's and sent them scattering around the Bandit wilderness looking like the Varrock Sewer Rats they are. We walked these demoralized faggots down and caught a couple spams at them, Wishing them the best of luck tomorrow. They will need it ;).

We ended our trip shortly after that, We had a 300M Drop Party.

Thanks @Single Strip























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1 hour ago, Elve said:

Crashing and 1v1's baby. P2P Sunday 😈

The time I gave you credit for is when you were +5 when UB crashed, so take the win and move on brother. :P 



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