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Apex's 3rd 5v5 Clan Cup | 1B GP Prize Pool [IN-PROGRESS]

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Cup Video Archive: Click Here 

6 Captain-drafted Teams | Bo5 5v5 Pkris

Restricted: No Ballista, Blade of Saeldor, Elder Maul, Ghrazi Rapier, Kodai Wand or any Nightmare Staves


Round 1: Round-Robin ✔️

Round 2: Semifinals [IN-PROGRESS]

Round 3: Finals - date/time announced in the near future

Join our discord for live updates: Click Here


≡ Prize Pool ≡

1B+ Prize Pool

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1st place:


96 days membership pin p/player (from MemberCheap)

Animated Team Signature 

Video compilation of the win on Apex's YouTube


2nd place:


40 days membership pin p/player (from MemberCheap)

Pm Moni#8827 on discord to donate gp to the prize pool :D



≡ Rosters ≡

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Round 1: ✔️

≡ Round-Robin Recaps (Advancing teams) ≡

Teams eliminated: Many Men & Phoenix Empire


3 Legged Scientists: 13D - Aleus - Cranked (C) - Duncan - Logic - Moni

Forest Crow: Darkx - Ibra - Nox (C) - Spark - Wsupden

Lemurs: Kevin - Matched - Moe (C) - Riley - RNG - Shoan

Team Covid: Chainsaw - Jake - Marcus1 (C) - Nranges - Oliver - Purifiy


Round 2: [IN-PROGRESS]

≡ Playoff Bracket ≡

Match ordering was randomized because 3 teams (3LS, FC & TCV) scored the same amount of points (13).

Randomizing was live-streamed by Nox on discord.



QQSz8iK.png Winners of our 2018 6v6 World Cup: Grandpas |X96Joj7.pngWinners of our 2019 5v5 Champions Cup: Canaries

Apex Cup Archives: Click Here

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