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11 hours ago, JoJo said:

Serious question did fo close or are they actually that bad that they couldnt compete lol

to sum it up: in 2020 FO's admin logs got leaked (twice lmao), they had a ton of internal issues in their leadership, fodanny went afk for a couple of months leaving K2P as their only leader, their pulls dropped to about ~30-40 & eventually had them coming in rag with looting bags & no capes on weekends, fodanny came back and they had a little bit of hype & decent pulls, soon after their rank structure was falling apart as multiple ranks retired due to incompetent leadership, they got involved in the crash war joining ROTs side, started openly using mains (all their weekend POVs were literally them on mains), obviously this was frowned upon so they pulls dropped substantially. they haven't been active in the CWA scene since early 2020. now they are pretty much closed no topic lmao. they don't do anything as a clan but i guess they're still "open"


also they celebrated their anniversary like a month ago but pulled around 60 or something because all their old members & ranks are cringing at the state of the clan 🤣


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