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    robbyy's GFX shop

    robbyy.carbonmade.com Examples for those who do not wish to go offsite: (everything got formatted under banners for some reason, keep clicking the spoilers) Banners:
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    Recent work

    open for orders, Merry Christmas robbyy#5880 on discord
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    Papa Bear

    HYDRA vs DT 10v10 minis [2-1]

    That's how I felt after watching this and listening to the music
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    robbyy's GFX shop

    Big up made sick cartoon sig for pengos.
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    Resurgence's Monday GMT Holiday Sweep

    Damn, Resurgence getting bigger and bigger every day, Grats on the loots boys. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year :)
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    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    Next time your little komodobyte ego gets poked don't get so upset that you start digging up 2016 Sythe cases to discredit fellow designers, or things might actually backfire
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    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    I was never banned for scamming, I was banned for "ban evasion" of @Making Rice. His acc got abused during the OSBuddy leak (outside Sythe), he couldn't be bothered to appeal and because he registered my account I got in trouble because our IP's overlapped. This is where I got the ban, https://www.sythe.org/threads/twc-for-no-reason/#post-15527920 I didn't care enough about their shitty site to keep appealing and bothering their mods. But good to know you're trying to paint me as a scammer as soon as I poke a little fun at you.
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