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  1. Looks like an action packed trip for you well done on another successful weekend. Thanks for the fights
  2. This is straight up embarassing, when there's clear proof that you're being lied to. Nice video
  3. Boring waiting for LY to get out of singles every week, nice to see FOE step it up a gear this week, always fun fighting them. GJ For all the other clans turning up =]
  4. Despite all the political bullshit revolving around the pure community atm about who beats who and who hates who. This was honestly the best trip I've probably ever had in a Clan and I've been playing scape since classic. Hope the fun continues, thanks for all the other clans for turning up
  5. Very nice to get a planned 100 v 100 at GDZ Vs you guys, been a while since a battle has been planned like that, usually its just everyone crashing and hitting each other. and then again it got crashed anyway nice to see such a nice pull from you guys, keep up the good work
  6. Not even trying to flame / troll whatever you wanna call it. Rather new to this Z / Legacy thing. Out of curiosity, when we were fighting, there was an awful lot of mains with you, I'm just curious why. does your clan allow 40 def + , or are they actually not with you, or your a Zerker pure clan once again not a troll, literally just come back to the pure scene and spent 3 hours being hit by a guy in rune gear, was a fun event anyway. hopefully see you tonight
  7. MY GUY HORMONE mate I've gone onto zenith site and I can't see the requirements it wouldn't load, what are they?
  8. Sup Guys Started playing again due to the rona shit putting everyone on lockdown Only level 60 so searching for a clan that's like med level, don't want to be in a clan full of level 100's with 300B in their bank with maxed stats whilst I'm running around with a little staff of water ice blitzing people. A lot of experience when it comes to Pure clanning thanks for the help -EDB
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