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  1. Finally thought we got a clean fight with you guys sunday was fun whilst it lasted 😭 hopefully we can go again next week
  2. Are you telling me, that the 177 people on the cape counter, are all pures and all fatality ? highest pull I’ve ever seen 😅 GJ on your trip hopefully see you tonight 😘
  3. appreciate the offer bro😂😂 but I’m happy where I am. GJ on the pull today, hopefully opts are even next week 💪🏻
  4. Well done fatality on the huge pull btw when we fought at CA you had a 168 on the cape counter ( not flaming ) , but who were the other 48 in your cape? we had 110 pull, vs your 130 would of been a good fight, but its so hard to get clean fights without others being there nowadays anyways as I said, not a flame and GJ on your Saturday, see you tonight
  5. How do you talk this much, have signs ups, pull higher than us, tele away from us but still refuse to fight us in higher than 8 wilderness how does a level 105 pure attack your level 70 when you’re sitting at such low level wildy Talk the talk. But can’t walk the walk
  6. - Signups - run their mouth - have A + 15 pull over us sit in level 8 wilderness all trip Our level 100’s can’t attack your level 70’s at Fog. Grow some balls and fight us at GDZ, somewhere you can’t teleport and run away.
  7. As stated, I'm not to bothered about the political side of Clanning. I just log on, play some scape and enjoy myself, the whole " honour " thingy was great when I was 16, not to sure about now. glad to see someone still clanning from back in the olden days, hope you're well sir.
  8. I can assure you, that other clans, mains and people in different capes were also attacking us throughout our Chaos Alter fight. its shit to fight pure clans and this happens to both sides. despite all the political debates Sundays trip was extremely fun and I hope FI continue these high pulls, makes the weekend trips a lot more exciting. See you guys next weekend
  9. Its fantastic that FI has grown in numbers so much to challenge us. today was a great fight, but you're beyond delusional if you think you won that fight. I hope you pull high numbers again tomorrow so we can fight again. good luck - EDB
  10. Looks like an action packed trip for you well done on another successful weekend. Thanks for the fights
  11. This is straight up embarassing, when there's clear proof that you're being lied to. Nice video
  12. Boring waiting for LY to get out of singles every week, nice to see FOE step it up a gear this week, always fun fighting them. GJ For all the other clans turning up =]
  13. Despite all the political bullshit revolving around the pure community atm about who beats who and who hates who. This was honestly the best trip I've probably ever had in a Clan and I've been playing scape since classic. Hope the fun continues, thanks for all the other clans for turning up
  14. Very nice to get a planned 100 v 100 at GDZ Vs you guys, been a while since a battle has been planned like that, usually its just everyone crashing and hitting each other. and then again it got crashed anyway nice to see such a nice pull from you guys, keep up the good work
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