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  1. Daily reminder that none of zenith(lowercase as a sign of disrespect)'s leadership (yes, that's you, @cookies, @Mercy, @Hormone, @0wl) have replied to me regarding a 100v100 fullout, & refuses to fight Fatality unassisted! 

  2. It doesn't change the fact you had people with his sister as his avatar, leaked kennys irl info and so on. shut the fuck up.
  3. Fatalitys never did but go on. Seems like you just making excuses for doxing.
  4. Meanwhile zenith ranks are joining fatality 

  5. Agree zenith had one kill the entire trip while fi farmed their main clan they paid for.
  6. You wouldn't know, zenith was only open for 6 months during those years.
  7. Hopefully zenith will fight us this weekend. Wondering if the main clan they pay for will show up to suicide to us again, hmm..

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