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  1. @Zenith E-Girl @droze @ZENITH HEAD LAWYER Looks like you just got demoralized, nothing new as zenith is the worst clan in RuneScape history
  2. This has to be the worst audio leak I ever heard, they are literally saying “rot dipped” and “let’s get a fall in” doesn’t get any worse for the dumb vennies at sicarios LMAO. You just made your daddy look bad in front of all of sharkbrew LOOOOL
  3. @droze @Elve literally crying right now with how shit quality that topic they post lmfao
  4. Holy fuck what a shit topic and shit pictures. Who the fuck makes your topics zeeeeenot lmfao
  5. @Zenith E-Girl. @droze @[email protected] HEAD LAWYER you guys are need a big quality check lmao your fighting vennies with no voice hah
  6. look at the dumb zenith and apex retards trying to bump topics so daddy rot doesn’t look bad LOOL
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