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  1. 🤣 Lol i can see nothing has changed for IR 🤣
  2. damn.... times sure have changed.... only took you 2 years! GRATS APEX!!
  3. Only thing ir has done is close more times then Chaotic and ir was closed by Chaotic two of them billion times as well lmfao. god please dont make me purposely come back to scape and join sup just to close your fucking clan with kyle for a THIRD TIME!
  4. whatever clan you are in i am sure i can pull up a video or 10 of beating the dog brown sticky stuff out of them. have a good day lil guy i gotta get off and go have a life
  5. I personally closed Ir twice in 2010, was in Vo in 09 and DP in 09-2010 and opened Chaotic in 2010. shut up broccoli i got Gfx older then you
  6. Rage closed yes you are correct, but IR will never accomplish what rage did lmao dont fool yourself buddy.
  7. excuse me buddy, but only i am allowed to post MY irl pictures... but thanks for showing off my guns #NoGymNeeded
  8. lets see that irl then buddy. bc if you so damn "sexy" you wouldnt mind posting it then or you must be one of them pimple faced pop corn head ass boys who is scared of what people think of him. But i wonder what you do to avoid the laughs irl??? wear a paper bag over that ugly face??? who knows and who cares thanks for the laughs again everyone <3
  9. Yes we already know, you want my autopgraph on my next photo shoot gotcha. just ask nicely next time lil guy
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