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  1. Insty

    EoP vs Misfits 5-0

    ty xd
  2. Insty

    clan wars/verfied FOE vs EOP | 40v40 P2P Prep 3-0

    gratz boys out performed on the days, you deserved both preps
  3. Insty

    clan wars/verfied FOE vs EOP | 50v50 F2P Prep 3-0

    yeah we suck f2p gratz foe on #1 f2p matched
  4. Insty

    who will take #3?

    lol this is the brown sticky stufftest reel if ever ive seen one
  5. Insty

    Fatality vs Eruption of Pures | P2P miniature war | 2-1

    lol gratz on a mini win
  6. Insty

    Wilderness Clan Of The Month - June

    wouldn't have happen if this bias trash gfx was released
  7. Insty

    Clan Of The Month - June

    lmfao wtf is this brown sticky stuff, give it to rage instead i don't want that brown sticky stuff
  8. Insty


    breakable deder
  9. Insty

    pure/midweek/verified EoP P2P Run-in vs Breakable

    imagine being in a clan lead by a poof
  10. Insty

    hej braden hej unbreakable

    good luck fat fuck, I'm coming for them mctities
  11. Insty

    clan wars/verfied FOE vs Fatality | P2P Prep 3-0

    lol about time yous won a prep
  12. Insty

    Post your winnings!

    ezz munies for eop
  13. Insty

    1v1, no sv/mains aiding fo

    too ezz