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  1. Tom Riddelin

    Rage VS FH | 2-0 Sets

  2. losing 60-100 is a slap consider yourself educated
  3. Tom Riddelin

    cwa Immortal vs Apocalypse F2P Prep [ 3 - 0 ] + ft 50

  4. Today Rage massed up 55 Bears to take on the xLPC scene. We peaked at 60, and held 55+ throughout the 2 hour duration. Having similar opts to Divine, we fought them throughout the whole trip while dealing with the occasional crash from other clans who pulled less. The wilderness portion of our trip was consistent action and we're looking forward to more clans opening up to provide us even more rune scimitars. Following the wilderness action we took Divine to clan wars for a first to 100 and slapped em' up pretty hard. They were willing to fight us outnumbered and for that we say thank you! As usual it was a good day to be a Grizzly Bear.
  5. wish you guys wouldve gave us the 2v1 like we begged on our knees for, but gf regardless
  6. gz rage why u such winner

  7. gz Rage ya done it again....
  8. Tom Riddelin

    cwa MASSIVE 50v50+ BEST OF 200 WAR, WOW!!!

    gf IMT looking forward to our first prep so we can dish out the smokey
  9. gf divine didnt expect that good of a fight