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  1. join up brothers! #NIGHTMARE
  2. new clans please level up fast so we can have more action k thx
  3. Community | Outburst Rs Today we massed up 32 Hungry Panthers ready to devour the scene.. that's exactly what we did xd Our intel told us that the "alliance" was going to wear t-46 capes to team up on us but we countered them by wearing the t-46 cape outsmarting them fucking losers. Shoutouts: Rampiss: for being broken as fuck having to team with rt rT: trying to team up with rampiss but utterly failed Ascent: HIDING when they had +5 on us
  4. nigga i come on my lvl 65 and legit cant attack half of you...
  5. "Big Meat": i bullied eop with cp for 3 years

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