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  1. once again there u go again saying you can compete with lpcs but wont go lpc? hmmm eop btw? oh yea u cant move up cuz 80 percent of your clan is EOP HAHA
  2. u mad cuz I'm speaking the truth LOL did I hit a softspot? forever a xlpc
  3. lmfao so yall gonna be xlpc for a year cuz u cant compete in lpc sounds about right bruh I'm so scared for u 2 "camp me " LOL btw whats the point of a clan if your not gonna move up? fighting kids who don't even no what pizzas are Bless yes bro he "owned me" when I'm speaking FACTS lol
  4. nice job ub thats a dope sig!
  5. @RT, continue to bring 65-72cb accounts with overheads in a 65- capped scene and we can go ahead and bring out the bigboy accounts which closed the previous scene​ . "we can bring out the bigboy accs" go LPC hello? lol why u wanna be in a scene with 2 clans yall claim 2 be the best and have the levels
  6. why not move up with the big boys?
  7. #respect for playin the boy pappy
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