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  1. Yep, ST and AAO confirmed #1
  2. Karli

    Apex Vs. StrikeTeam P2P Mini 2-0

    Ty for the mini.
  3. Karli

    Supremacy vs StrikeTeam 2-0 in sets

    Good fight.
  4. Karli

    clan wars StrikeTeam vs Special Forces 2-1 F2P prep

    StrikeTeam* =,( Good fight SF!
  5. Karli

    clan wars StrikeTeam vs Special Forces 3-0 F2p prep

    Marten will come for you.
  6. Karli

    clan wars Doom vs ST x3 ft.100 [3-0]

    Was really fun practicing against Doom. Good action!
  7. Karli

    hej estonia

    We can leave our mithril to bank np you just have to ask nicely
  8. Karli

    hej estonia

    ST wins again.
  9. Actually Baltic is not a new thing. Pre EOC we were actually a one clan, Estonians+Lithuanians+Latvians:
  10. Pretty close fights. We will get you next time! GF and thanks for preping us!
  11. We are getting close . Good fight!
  12. Was fun. Thanks for action!
  13. 8 years, insane. We are more than just a clan! Thank you guys! So many memories
  14. Always fun to fight with you guys <3. Thanks for not crashing. Respect!
  15. Trust me, we got girls . For privacy reasons we didn't show them in the video.