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  1. Core

    Ruin vs SF 2-1 P2P Mini

  2. I think you might be stepping on the wrong toes lmfao.
  3. Rage wanted these hands in 20v20 min, everyone says Vt is Dead so the care-bears thought they could come in for the final attack. We had 26 strong vital warriors show to tear the fuck out of those potato masher ass bears, we knew it would be an easy win. Thank you for the prep and the 2-1 victory, hope to do more in the future. Round 1 Fluke Round 2 Vitality starting: 21 Rage starting: 21 Vitality Ending: 7 Rage Ending: 0 Round 3 Vitality starting: 20 Rage starting: 20 Vitality Ending: 11 Rage Ending: 1 Snows PoV
  4. The offer is still up you can come join the rest of your clan in Vitality.
  5. Core

    midweek dont play with my name AAO VS APEX P2P PKRI

    AAO went out in p2p? LOL
  6. I can't speak for aaron(as he wasn't even there commenting like a twit) but our prep vs striketeam was counted as a prep so we counted this as a prep. Much respect to you guys for dropping to us and hope to have more clean action vs you in the future.