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  1. in reality ur a bottom tier clan u moron lol back to pulling 12 for weekends, jst close and open as a miniteam retard
  2. garbage clan garbage brids lmfao im 10-0 on ur members let alone 1-0 on u peasent know ur place
  3. leave aao 15+ CP members are in envy + we had drunk calling for us
  4. 1. Hassan 2. ME 3.CP DRUNK 4 . LT SAM
  5. boi if i catch u out in london ima smack u n tie u up to a chair forcing u to attend EVRY trip and slave recruit 24/7 u inactive fk<3
  6. haha join rp enza whatu doing 60 of ur ngs in there
  7. hey @Couck can u start including that Misshits lost a f2p prep 35v35 vs ENVY lvl 100s vs 70s 3-0d in that vid intro lol
  8. nightmare pulled an aao lmao

    1. FOE PURP

      FOE PURP


  9. yeah hes in aao cuz cp closed u dumb fuck wake up u fucking moron come see me bitch ill fuck u up
  10. a cp brother lost to aao how embarassing come join rest of cp at envy
  11. damn MF gettin bullied RIPRIP CP would kyp FI in a heartbeat doe
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