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  1. 10/10 easter egg from 50 shades of grey in thread.
  2. Debate: Does OT stand for off-topic or on-topic?
  3. Level 56. 3 kills vs FI. 0 deaths. I'm not even sure they are trying at this point.
  4. I get it. Because RD can't compete with either FI or EOP 1v1. R0flZ
  5. So you're saying you didn't have the upper hand?
  6. 4 kills 1 death vs FI for me. I'm level 55.
  7. Hello friends. I come to you with an urgent message! A dev blog was released 4 days ago and I'm just hearing about it now. http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?380,381,125,65522145 A solo boss in the planning... An upcoming update? Let us hope not. For those of you too lazy to read, I will post quotes of the original post with the TL;DR under it. TL;DR: The boss will have a venom that, instead of degrading overtime, will increase overtime. If the boss just had this poison, that would be fine, but it doesn't end with the boss. Weapons that the boss will drop will also be effected. TL;DR - A range weapon that will be slower than darts (the speed of a shortbow) will be able to produce this poison. TL;DR: Mains will be able to equip a shield that provides attack bonuses better than the rune defender and allow poison bonus on all 1h melee weapons. TL;DR: There will be an item you can add on to the staff of dead to make it have 25 more magical attack and inflict this poison. Imagine how cauliflower it would be to face n-rangers with the blowpipe. Or how cauliflower it would be to face someone using the staff of the dead to barrage clumps of people, potentially poisoning them all. Or worst of all, a main camping you...not with a weapon that poisons, but a shield, where he could use mage, range, or melee to poison you. With higher tiers of weapons, we start to lose the joy of our current ones. We will no longer be an old school community. It will make wilderness absolute brown sticky stuff like PvP armor, PvP weapons, and D claws did. This game will slowly become less about skill and more about the amount of gold your gear costs. If the stand isn't taken with this update, they will keep piling brown sticky stuff on and we'll go down the same road we did before. My name is Matty_B. I have been a part of the Runescape community for 10 years. I plead with you to see the same brown sticky stuff that I see and vote no with me.
  8. It was unprovoked too. I was just playing my favorite MMORPG and someone has to try and ruin it. I ain't about that, man.
  9. Also shout out to the RD kid who thought I was Cronic and followed me from mossies to level 10 wild flaming me as if I were Cronic.
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