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  1. Foe_Abdullah

    juicy CP Jordai come on l0l

    ROFL @ stick to vidding!
  2. Foe_Abdullah


    @@Maxx olympiss has been irrrelevant for months now we know u have a vendetta vs cp cuz we killed ur past clans lmfao focus tomato.
  3. Foe_Abdullah


    100 addy daddys april 29th gl with ur vidding hocus pocus slave vidder @ nice irl life brit no focus heh
  4. Foe_Abdullah


    Make sure to vid next event @ or no focus @@Simpler @@Maaku
  5. Foe_Abdullah


    eop bring 40+ mains? delusional cauliflower brit brainwashed no focus
  6. Foe_Abdullah


    CP COMING DOWN TO UR SCENE FOCUS CP Imagine trying to fit into a clan by vidding @ hocus pocus @@Maaku
  7. Foe_Abdullah

    New/future Matched Opts Rankings?

    cp is best f2p
  8. pm [CP]Blue on irc to leak lpc locs ez doller

  9. Foe_Abdullah

    For the record.

  10. Foe_Abdullah

    juicy Critical Damage Presents: Doom Leaderboards

    l00l this is gold
  11. Foe_Abdullah

    Always thought this was kind of awkward

    L O L imagine failing so hard to find 1 spy (hint he's been leaking since 2014 and having suspicions of your own ranks of spying is pathetic) Typical bvg leadership
  12. Foe_Abdullah


    no @ is @@Moe
  13. Foe_Abdullah

    In the end CP always wins

    Trying to fit into eop as a bully victim and nobody to talk to lmfao. @ how low can u scoop
  14. Foe_Abdullah

    Corrupt Pures - Last HPC Left

    @ those guys talk about you behind ur back lol stop talking about cp and move on CP Slumped tlp lmfa0