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  1. Good Banter
    Doc- got a reaction from Horizon in The movement. GOODLUCK LMFAO   
    l0l @Spiral Tribe @Salso
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    Doc- got a reaction from Horizon in Phoenix ELIMINATES ir to dust ft. FI/A/EOP/SUP/FOE [F2P SAT]   
    im honestly wondering what ir was doing every time they ran outside we killed like 5 of them lmao @Horizon @Edgi @Spiral Tribe l00l
  3. Thanks
    Doc- reacted to Spiral in Phoenix ELIMINATES ir to dust ft. FI/A/EOP/SUP/FOE [F2P SAT]   
    www.px-rs.com | ts.px-rs.com | px clanchat
    Today Phoenix took off with 60 strongmen ready to punish IR. After slaying IR last Saturday, they would continue to pipe up and poke Mother Phoenix. We decided to dedicate our trip to making IR's trip hell. Every single time they would enter the wilderness, we would walk their way, only for them to teleport to edge or run to ditch. We had some clean 1v1's versus Apex around bandits, corp hill and castle, thanks for this!Some times getting crashed by other clans but took the win anyway, watching IR hiding in singles from us. Fought Fatality at the castle a few times aswell but mainly dicked IR around that spot. 
    Thanks for everyone involved, we wont stop punishing IR and are fully ready for their funeral. See you all tommorow at P2P Sunday! 



    (While fighting Apex, IR was camping second floor for 10 mins lmfao)



  4. Good Banter
    Doc- reacted to Horizon in Misfits   
    They've been doing horrible the past few months
    Honestly, how long till they close?

    @jean thx for selling forum acc for 2 big macs lmfao
    control closed btw btw

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    Doc- got a reaction from Legend FuNny in StrikeTeami P2P Amazing Sunday trip ft BP/SF/SUP/FI/AAO   
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    Doc- got a reaction from PreGains in Fearless Confirmed Scared To Prep?   
    l00000l @Godly @[email protected]
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    Doc- got a reaction from AMENTIFRMEOP in Fearless Confirmed Scared To Prep?   
    l00000l @Godly @[email protected]
  8. Good Banter
    Doc- reacted to TheBean in Fatality vs IR [2-1] P2P Prep   
    Fi should of chosen classic see if they stopped the prep aswell lol
  9. Good Banter
    Doc- reacted to MyOverheads in PX vs IR [35v35]   
    i was bamboozled when they all just logged out O_o
  10. Thanks
    Doc- reacted to Spiral in [P2P TRIP] 74 Firebirds Cancel MF Sunday Trip ~ Reign Of Fire!   
    Phoenix ended their successful opening trip of the year pulling 70 members later peaking at 72.
    The absence of misfits shifted our focus to Intense Redemption who had a similar pull.
    After a first victory (complete clear) we asked for a rematch, where we were 2v1's by the FI/IR alliance. However with our exceptional intelligence, we managed to maneuver through both clans and once again, gaining the upper hand on IR.
    We also came face to face with the likes of EoP, Apex, Supremacy, Final Ownage Elite and Against All Odds.
    We fought these clans briefly when the opportunity arose. Thanks for everyone involved. Thanks for the great time folks.


    We were wondering the same thing..


    Spiral POV
    Edgi POV
    Royce POV
    Estranger POV

  11. Good Banter
    Doc- reacted to Juicy in Misfits Veteran Died To a 30 Barrage and lost kodai l0l0l0l0l0   
    Imagine Dying To a 30 Barrage Lmfao, and thats a veteran of clan Misfits l0l?? no wonder they wont prep phoenix lmfao
      LMFAO NO WONDER MISFITS IS A SHT PKING CC     Yes I Agree, This is really embarrassing L 0 L 0 L         @Zee Now Accept the declarations for a nice MATCHED OPTS fight, to see who has the better quality xdddddddddddddddddd
  12. Good Banter
    Doc- reacted to Old Nox in Forums   
  13. Poor Banter
    Doc- reacted to Kanicus in 💀 47 Firebirds KILLING dying bees struggling for honey X2 💀   
    Idk why you didn't want to fight properly tonight, you massed an hour for it, had + opts and then had this small scrap which you pulled into singles. We then teled ca x3 times infront of you to try initiate some more substantial action whilst you said us going ca was propaganda, we waited 30 mins or so whilst you were at edge bridge with + opts refusing to tele up? later deciding to end and go f2p finally. 
    You also had rag cc & mains in your cape with you (of course) btw & still lost lol
  14. Good Banter
    Doc- got a reaction from PreGains in How to Bully CRITICAL DAMAGE ....   
    flash2: oppppppppppppppppppp  @PreGains
  15. Good Banter
    Doc- reacted to Mustafa in Supremacy's Sunday Ft MF, SF, Fi, Outlawz, Px and IR Destroyed   
    my religion doesnt allow me to date women so my priority is killing ur dog clan lmfao
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    Doc- reacted to 17_ in [DECLARATION WIN] Eruption of Pures reminds Sh1tality who's the superior clan | P2P Prep | 3-0 | WAS NOT HARD BTW LOL   
    17th August 2017: Eruption of Pures massed up 51 pirates to take on Fatality in a 35v35 minimum P2P prep. For whatever reason, [3rd string caller]Birthday thought it'd be a good idea to declare on us (https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/36347-fatality-declares-on-eruption-of-pures-p2p-prep/), so we gladly accepted the prep and showed no mercy, bringing back a sick comeback round 1 and destroying them round 2, making them rage so tilted they couldn't even pull the 35 minimum for round 3 lmfao. I'd like to say this prep was a tough fight, but it really wasn't. We came out with the 3-0 victory. Thanks for the easy prep Fatality, you'll always remain in our shadow.


    REMINDER: It's been over 2 years since Fatality has beaten Eruption of Pures in clan wars hahahah.










    Eruption of Pures (Starting/Ending): 38/14

    Fatality (Starting/Ending): 38/0





    Eruption of Pures (Starting/Ending): 39/24

    Fatality (Starting/Ending): 39/0





    Eruption of Pures (Starting/Ending): 40/38

    Fatality (Starting/Ending): 34/0







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    Doc- reacted to MyOverheads in Name one person that...   
    @@Break just leeches off me in general
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    Doc- reacted to Old in To all eop members...   
    What are you saying? That fi is the only clan that gets 1v1's, and that they haven't been in a slump for the past 5 years? Seems like you're pretty out of the loop, why you quoting me anyways dumbass hahaha your clan is about to lose a rivalry to CD go back to the drawing board bud.
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    Doc- reacted to Tom Valor in To all eop members...   
    en wat kroketten
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    Doc- reacted to Warbow in Congrats on 10k monni!   
    So crazy that a pure won the 1v1 champs! Just awesome. Congrats again @@Moni ! Hope you enjoy the 10k!!
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    Doc- reacted to ferocious in How much longer does Sv have?   
    500m drop party before their trip and they cancel.. smh
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    Doc- reacted to Flame in @Brandon aka h0tgun cries after getting kicked **LEAKED**   
    @@Brandon ;((
    video is justin beiber as fuck i mean who actually cries over a virtual online game l0l
    1:39 for the best part

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    Doc- got a reaction from Tom Valor in ALBUM RELEASE   
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