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  1. Good Morning Sharkbrew

  2. just cause ur inactive and didnt see when I was doing my part doesnt mean i didnt do anything. What have you done?
  3. seems kind of arrogant to ask someone to spend multiple hours a night to go our of their way to do something that is suppose to be shared by multiple people. I did my fair share.
  4. I promise I won't betray the community for some McNuggets
  5. What is your clanning/pvp history? Pre eoc: Lethal fate(Med crater clan) , 07rs Conviction for few months before merging into CP, was CP for 4 years. How many months have you been in the Clanning/PvP community? 72 Please write a short summary of the current problems with the scene/sharkbrew and how you plan on helping bridging this gap between Sharkbrew and the community I have been in many types of communities from main clanning with DI to pure clanning with CP. I am currently pretty active in both Foe's community and Sup's community. I am also currently in a pvm clan called "Team Eternity". I have experienced every aspect of the game both pvp and pvm wise and I believe I have a valuable opinion when it comes to trying to find a solution to a RS related problem. Feel free to message me on discord if you have further questions Kevin#9061 I elect to maintain my activity and to execute my duties to the best of my abilities Yes
  6. wooohooo, pure clanning is awesome

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