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    0wl reacted to ``Karl in Hello   
    Hello boys, some of you may remember me, some of you won't.
    How's everyone doing? It's been a while.
  2. Good Banter
    0wl reacted to Pkown in Wtf was that?   
  3. Good Banter
    0wl reacted to Killa in Wtf was that?   
  4. Good Banter
    0wl reacted to Halp in TBR you need to promote this guy..   
  5. Good Banter
    0wl reacted to Halp in Legacy - P2P Sunday 75 Spartans Obliterating T7   
    CD forced their clan to sit in lobby until legacy was in a fight lmfao
  6. Poggers
    0wl got a reaction from Blue in Legacy - P2P Sunday 75 Spartans Obliterating T7   
    Big blue
  7. Thanks
    0wl reacted to Blue in Legacy - P2P Sunday 75 Spartans Obliterating T7   
    Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord

    Today the merciless T7 rat exterminators left with 65 Spartans later peaking at 75 for a bewildering trip.
    We maintained 70+ throughout the trip and dominated every fight we fought aka kings of clusters 
    Meanwhile CD had a monumental lobby trip & hiding behind other clans to try and find a chink in the Spartan armour which they couldnt and never will stay ez. 
    While keeping the T7 rats at bay we had clean action vs Sup, Apex, Fi & Rage Gf all for fights
    Lets see you cry about mains today lmao you simply got outclassed yet again.



  8. Thanks
    0wl reacted to 5teel in Legacy vs Foe - 55v55 midweek Pkri ft CD mains   
    unbiased this is huge action, gj both clans
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  10. Good Banter
    0wl reacted to A1v1 & Friends in Looking for an xLPC clan...   
    CD is going xlpc come join @slushpuppy
  11. Thinking
    0wl reacted to Broxxx in Legacy P2P Wild Pkri Vs Rage & Dominating Rage In Caves   
    Misfits is that you?
  12. Good Banter
    0wl reacted to puppyslush in When you struggle to pull more than 12 for a 30v30 prep...   
    at least CD entered in-spite of a recent rank restructuring though
  13. Good Banter
    0wl reacted to Ramie in Fearless F2P Prep vs Critical Damage [SB Tourny | 3-0 Forfeit Win]   
    Massed up 32 Pigs for our scheduled F2P Prep vs CD for the Big Flex Tournament. 
    Challenge time was supposed to be at 5:45PM EST, and we gave them until 6 to get 30. Unfortunately they did not meet the pull so we took the win. 
    Thanks for the chance guys, hopefully we can actually fight next time. 


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    0wl reacted to Blue in Legacy - falador massacre PKRI's vs IR & Apex   
    Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord

    After a successful 10 hour lengthy rev trip we organised a pkri vs IR at fally and came out triumphant after a short return fight at fally. 
    After the pkri Apex asked for a pkri so we accepted again & fought them after the IR fight and the same sequence of events transpired. 
    Gf to both clans for action respect.

    POV Andrew vs IR: 
    POV Andrew vs Apex:
    POV JD vs IR:

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    0wl reacted to Halp in Legacy - falador massacre PKRI's vs IR & Apex   
    10 hours of legacy dicking the world
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  17. Good Banter
    0wl reacted to 'Jamie in Legacy Saturday | 55 Spartan's Laughing At CD   
    gfs @Ir0nyand co
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    0wl reacted to Most Active, Most Hated in Legacy Saturday | 55 Spartan's Laughing At CD   
    Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord

    Massed up 55 Shooters for our weekly F2P Smoke session on CD. Unfortunately after mass recruiting all week, they managed to pull a weasly 35 people.
    Camped them all trip & ended them after kicking 3 innocent members.  Fought SUP, IR, and Rage a few times.
    Overall, had a great action packed Saturday.



  19. Good
    0wl reacted to Blue in Legacy - P2P Sunday ft 35 man pull AUSSIE UNIT Rev Trip Ft Rage,DC & IR   
    Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord

    After our F2P PK Trip some members decided to go out and pk. This trip turned out to be a 10 hour smoke session. We fought DC, Rage, & Intense Redemption several times each, winning every fight.
    Peaked 35 at 12 AM Eastern (more then CDs pull on Saturday) 
    Thank you for all the members that came

    pkeru POV:
    Andrew POV:

    Cleared DC, Rage, IR multiple times in return fights etc 

  20. Poggers
    0wl reacted to Yaz in NO PK FOR CD, Legacy midweek ft CD, Daeva ect   
    Cd thought they could step into wildy with 25ish, so we sent out 1 mass poke and got 30 shooters in 2 mins. After FULLY clearing them twice in under 20 mins they decided to end their rev trip knowing they couldnt handle a REAL clan.
    CD members if you want to actually pk at revs pm a Legacy rank for a hallpass. 
    Pked for a few hours clearing random teams and small main clans before running into Davea. We each had about 10-15, turned into a lil return fight. Eventually they stopped returning allowing us to pick up our loot and do the dash.
    Looking to join a pure clan? Click here to join Legacy.


  21. Poggers
    0wl reacted to puppyslush in Sharkbrew Big Summer Flex P2P Tournament   
    Calling out for all big dick clans to participate...
    This is the first first open p2p tournament with round robin match up, this means everyone has to fight everyone and should in theory be a fairer fight over single elimination.
    Starting date: 27th May 19
    1-20 def accounts & 1 def gear
    Best out of 3, Each clan will attack and defend one round each with one PKRI
    Clans will lineup in the middle for attack/defend rounds (normal prep style)
    20 min - Sit to lower pulling clan

    Full round robin - Everyone has to fight everyone
    Clans earn 1 point for every round won or forfeited by their opponents
    Clan with highest number of points wins the tournament
    There will be a tiebreaker if 2 or more clans have the same number of point
    Clans will be assigned 2 fights per week and can fight at their own convenience
    If both clans cannot fight, we will set a default time and day
    Default time:
    After Sunday weekend trip

    Any shenanigans will be dealt with accordingly, but we hope clans can respect their opponents
    No venom of any kind.
    Any ring allowed (Including Recoil/Suffering).
    Any type of glove (Including Addy if any 20 def participates).
    Winner of the tournament gets an awesome sig made by Leaks himself:

    Also we are including a special prize of 50m GP to any clan who goes completely undefeated(meaning you win all your rounds)
    Initial Sign up list
    We need 6 clans/teams to start
    Tentative Match Schedules
    Usually the schedules are sorted after the sign up list, but since this is the first time we are doing a full round robin tournament, this should give everyone the idea how this tournament is going to work:
    2 rounds will be fought per week, so hopefully we can clear this up within a month. The clans on the top bracket get to choose the world in which these fights will occur, the bottom clan in the bracket will attack first. 

    If I am not on the list, how do I participate?
    Reply to this topic with the following template:
  22. Good
    0wl reacted to Killa in 120 Spartans End Fatality On Their Own Anniversary   
    Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord

    18th May 2019: Legacy massed up 120 Spartans with just one week prep to demoralize fi on their own anni.
    After wasting 45 minutes of their anni doing nothing, while we sat in multi, fi finally gained the balls to rush us. 
    After completely steamrolling them, they had no choice but to call their bitches cd for help. Knowing they couldn't compete in their own cape, cd happily obliged and ditched their cape for a green one.
    This would not phase us so we prepared to return all night. 
    Just over an hour later, they called it a day, ending their trip first on their own anniversary. Lmfao.
    Summary of fi anni: Get outpulled by rivals, get another clan in your cape, break an hour and half into a return fight, end first. 
    Remember who did this to you.
    Legacy does not break and we do not off.



    Rest Of Pics In Spoiler
  23. Good Banter
    0wl reacted to Fat Scott in hej pure world   
    CD dead lmfao
  24. Thanks
    0wl reacted to Most Active, Most Hated in Legacy | 3 Hour F2P Pkri Clearing CD/Fi Ft. Rage,Sup,Fs   
    Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord
    Found out CD were out pking in F2P after we ended their revs trip. Massed up 30 men in f2p and dominated every clan in the cluster. Including clean clears vs every clan in the F2P wilderness today. Thanks for all the action.
    Watch the video's below for 3 hours of us feasting in the f2p server.


  25. Poor Banter
    0wl got a reaction from JeyB in [Legacy] #1 F2P Saturday ~ Obliterating The Alliance   
    Big wins from LY