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  1. Fuzz

    Uh Oh

    Lol you ugly misfit step down and let ur weird ass runescape.com addicted retards do the talking. You aint impressing nobody with your shit clan. Go fuck a hooker you ugly retard, dont be such a insecure weird ass hobo. Nigga you eat alphabet soup and choke on the D. This nigga puts a blanket on his $50 laptop when he sets it to rest mode. Earlier some kid told me you once moaned orgasmically when u took a big Nigger dick sized dump? Imagine caring about a runescape status like this when its 2019 and we all 20+. There’s other things beside runescape you fucking weirdo lmfao.
  2. Fuzz

    Which clan?

    Envy closed tlp
  3. Fuzz

    eop v2

    jdbkslajajbz wbqnamsofpfibavabzbdj
  4. Fuzz

    BT Black Son Asked For This

    wtf is this xd
  5. Damn shooter, shivering right here!
  6. No escape from the pigs den🐷🐷
  7. Understandable, gl in the future
  8. Fuzz

    New LPC Pure Clan

  9. First of all its Foe, dont forget the ELITE. You actually called in 6 clans into 1 cape.. We got footage where u get cleared in 30 mins and u guys return in rags for 3-5 hours.. And we still played ur little game from CA to Corp and clapped all of you over and over.. Please take ur shit clan somewhere else because u guys arent even near our caliber.