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  1. Fuzz

    Biggest Joke of 2019

    no pk for cd - [cp]sam aka closer of clans
  2. Fuzz

    yo sharkbrew staff

    yes and red vs blue would be fun action too
  3. Fuzz

    Dear CD

    I remember standing on corp with 80 strong pigs and you sniping from singles with 70 def tanks.😅
  4. Fuzz

    Dear CD

    It proves fs>cd
  5. Fuzz

    Dear CD

    Well atleast they tried
  6. Another 3-0 who’s stopping us
  7. Bloody vikingz hands up cash out
  8. Fuzz

    cwa Fearless vs Fatality 35v35 F2P Prep 3-0

    Bc fs doesnt work w invites and has a strong core
  9. Fuzz

    cwa Fearless vs Legacy | F2P Prep | 3-0

    nice brothers gf legacy
  10. Fuzz

    weekend BP's Sunday Trip