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  1. 13 year old clan forced to have another clan in their cape on their OWN anni by a 4 month old clan. Yikes!
  2. Legacy obviously won this. FI wasted the first 45 minutes of their anni doing nothing while we sat in multi all day waiting to get rushed (wasn't our anni lmao). Next to that, if you get forced to getting another clan in ur teamcape, that pretty much means you lost :).
  3. *You can only create/edit pages on the Wiki if you are logged in on your sharkbrew forum account* How to create a page Type in the name of the page in the top right search box. If no results are found, then you will be prompted to create a new page. Click on the "page name" you wish to create: After clicking on it, a new screen will pop up. "Load" the boilerplate and then click on save page : Now you have succesfully created a page. Contact a Wiki Moderator on discord to approve your page. The Wiki Moderator will always verify with the clan leader/founder/rank first before approving the page. After your page is approved, check the "Editing your page" tutorial to start editing your page. Wiki Moderators: slushpuppy#2302, Balli#7130, Dutch#0562
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    cwa Supremacy vs Apex | F2P Prep 2-1

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  7. Would be nice to see this Wiki getting updated so everyone can look back to this piece of “history” for those that clan and have clanned in the past years. I invite all clan leaders/founders to update their clan page wiki.