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  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG you hackers, can't believe you kicked everyone out of their cc. I'm so freaking shattered, i'm about to neck myself
  2. Just watch the videos LMFAO! Fighting down 10 and still no problems, GZ Misfits
  3. Phoenix is dying lmao

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      Nice joke @Peace seeker your clan is closing soon wahaha

    3. Brap


      Anyone wanna kiss on the lips?

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      Law Abiding Citizen

      lmfao mibrown sticky stuffs losing another rivalry whats new hahaha FoM dogs getting put down, shouldnt have teamed with FoM hehehehe

  4. Went for a little midweek today with 17 Killer bee's. We decided going to 21 Hills when we came across phoenix where we quickly gave them the smoke. They got a little upset about their loss and decided to mass up a bit more and come fight us again. Which lead to them getting fucked even more. hahahaha! We then strolled through Wildy, had a quick hit on Apex. All round was a fun trip little trip, thanks for coming lads. MEDIA Asap Brandon CLEAR 2:
  5. Was out pking when we came across UB, we then got approached for a PKRI which we accepted. We had two fights, one at Dwarves and the other at sperm. All in all it was a goodfight, we encoutered mains camping us alongside PX but we the killerbees still overcame it. Logs Backwoods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16IAddJhDwQ Jaya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnFBY_KHIPg Brandon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYgUptt4s1A
  6. We massed up 20-26 Misfits and went out pking, we hopped around 21 hills for a little when we came across Intense Redemption. We chased them all the way to CA where they tried to stay in the fight, unfortunately they where forced to singles. GF tho boys After that we just strolled through wilderness making bank.
  7. The word was that Special Forces was out pking with a few so we decided to go find them. We came across them two times before we decided to set up a fight, videos below. Thanks SF, was a good little tussle. Jordon Oopsnolimits
  8. Topic created by Bryan On this fine Sunday TheHive massed up a solid 50 later peaking at 55 PrimeTimeKillerBeezz and maintaining 50+ throughout the entire trip! Today was indeed, BIRD HUNTING SEASON for my bees! We had a brown sticky stuff ton of fights and were part of nearly every single fight that took place today! Thanks to all the Hornets that showed up today was fun as fuck bros The first hit of the day was against Phoenix who followed us into singles, northeast of bandits. After a bit of a spam war we asked them to go multi and well.. that's exactly what they did lmao? They ran west towards the lava line and we proceeded to gwas them from single to multi. We then pushed them southwest with specs while we had a minimum of +20 on them. Intense Redemption logged in east of us and rushed us but we continued to hit Phoenix until they were completely cleared. Eat a salad to help you run faster btw We regrouped and re-rushed southeast of castle once against because Phoenix was there in multi for some reason. We dropped specs on top of them but then Apex rushed from the west. We called a swift movement to the south (level 10 wild) and barraged the fuck out of Apex from single to multi with our 50 man pull. We rushed north with specs as they died and teleported out. unBreakable also joined the party and rushed from our north (south east of the bandit tele spot) We barraged north and managed to catch them in massive clumps as well inside the trees. They proceeded to teleport out, all the while Final Ownage Elite began to rush us from the north, where we finally called for a mass regroup. The next fight took place east of mossies by the vents where we began to rush east against Intense Redemption. About 5 seconds later, we did a complete 180 degree spin and turned around to kill the Phoenix loggin in behind us. We gwassed the fuck out of Phoenix and pushed them west into singles inside mossies with our dds specs and roundhouse karate kicks to the Dome lmao We forgot all about our original fight with Intense Redemption. Once again we decided to fight Intense Redemption south of 13 ports. Seconds into the fight Phoenix rushed once again from the trees to the northeast. That was a pretty cauliflower move as we simply turned around once again and caught them in very easy clumps inside the trees. After reducing their pull and making them tele we made a huge movement around edgeville to circle back towards fog and hit everything in sight. After a proper regroup, we re-rushed the cluster at fog and found Fatality fighting Supremacy. We rushed both clans from the west and focused Fatality first, and Supremacy second for the clear. Moments later, Apex crashed as well as unBreakable and Intense Redemption, so we dipped. We found a hit at bandit camp. Intense Redemption were to the northeast so we quickly rushed them and their strugglers, but moved east after Final Ownage Elite rushed. We single to multi'd them and caught atleast 2-3 clumps before finally teleporting out The next hit was once again, at bandits. We logged in east of Fatality and began to barraga/ single to multi them before demoralizing them with specs. After they were nearly cleared, we turned around looking north to hit Phoenix. We proceed to dick them down while holding the return spot. Moments later, both Supremacy and Apex teleported to bandits at the same time so we began to gwass the fuck out of both clans before finally releporting out haha We regrouped and rushed the fight once again. We found Intense Redemption to the south and pushed them down towards castle for a quick clear. BIG OWN PK OF THE DAY! We found Fatality west of Al kharid bank and caught them in a massive clump for a very easy Gwas! As Fatality teleported out Phoenix rushed us from the east, (behind us) and we simply turned around and gwassed the hell out of them even worse than Fatality. They died and teleported out before Intense Redemption finally rushed us which is when we decided to opt out of the fight and regroup. We then proceeded to have quick and and run skirmishes in al kharid w25 against most of the pure clanning scene that were there. Finally, Phoenix approached us for a final pkri at fog to end the trip and after about 15 minutes of waiting, we realized they were not going to fight us. Instead they trolled us and avoided a demoralizing ending to their trip hehe Bless. SHOUTOUTS My brothers in Phoenix for improving from a 60 man to now 30 man pull after 1 week :/ Phoenix for asking us for a 1v1 and then just trolling us because they cant compete lmfao! The boy @rihanna maxing out her main (nice life btw) and dropping 100 fucking Million runescape.com Currency pesos dinero $$ TheHive for coming out strong and maintaining a 50 man pull the entire trip!! TheHive once more for taking part of our annual BIRD HUNTING SEASON! All the other clans who came out to make this a fun event for us. The boy @@Kanicus for excellent weekend trip analysis @Winnetou for the easy 2 piece chicken nugget on Fatality btw VIDEOS BackWoodsL pov Bryan pov Rihanna pov uploading PICTURES MORE PICS
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