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  1. Mayhem Makers Fanboy

    Zo Rage

    'This is why we can't beat anyone' became a great meme
  2. Mayhem Makers Fanboy

    The Wilderness Guardians - Fifteen Years

    About the same time most of the people who frequent these forums were about to wriggle out of daddys nut sack
  3. Mayhem Makers Fanboy

    pure account What clans are left?

  4. Mayhem Makers Fanboy

    whats worse?

    Both of them are equally disgraceful and accurately reflects the state of 2k18 pure clanning.
  5. Mayhem Makers Fanboy

    Will there ever be a more dominant era?

    2k9-2k13 5 years of #1 F2p? Pm in 4 more years lilguy
  6. Mayhem Makers Fanboy

    The Glory Days

    lmfao 10m still is chump change to me s0n
  7. Mayhem Makers Fanboy

    The Glory Days

    First ever prep between pure teams, not to mention the greatest rivalry between teams of all time. What the new guys don't realise is that these teams had requirements of at least triple 94's (in TG's case the reqs were 96-95-94 if i remember correctly) on top of gear to miniwar with (which was still capped with no free trade in 2010), return sets and just not being retarded. This was the most elite pure warring of the era and a lot of strategies were developed to really hone the skill of miniwarring during the time. Long live Team Genocide, helo to all my pals still around.
  8. Mayhem Makers Fanboy

    The Glory Days

    lmfao you must be new as fuk if you don't know Team Genocide or NP m8 lmfaoooooooo.
  9. Mayhem Makers Fanboy

    Apex P2P

    Yeah, Mayhem Makers 2009-2013 in f2p wildy. Sure there were a couple weekends here or there where clans would pull high and compete (Foe, Eop, Fi each have their turns) however the momentum from the rivalry vs Epidemic was huge, alongside the 50~ core members who were just completely locked in as a unit in f2p.
  10. Mayhem Makers Fanboy

    Apex P2P

    How long have you been clanning buddy? LOL
  11. Mayhem Makers Fanboy


  12. Mayhem Makers Fanboy

    main Violent Resolution's Day Out

    nice action lads
  13. Mayhem Makers Fanboy

    EOP lmao

    It's not like Eop hasn't lost countless times before to clans with a greatly lower defence and prayer average. Just nut up and fight Foe.
  14. Mayhem Makers Fanboy

    whatever happened to this energy fo? [thx]

    Apex looking in good form, well done.