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  1. never seen a declaration with a 40 man max cap before lol
  2. seeeeeeeeesh half these "pure clans" out pull mains clans on mains lmfao. gz on anni though lmfao
  3. Gz jumpstreet on anni. Looks like venom down bad ngl. nice action.
  4. lmao he did indeed get full cleared and smited for a plus one as well.
  5. super corny lmfao rage tryna throw the shade off them in f2p it seems. GZ terror on #1 f2p.
  6. l0l nigga has vengence with them and says we merged with 2 ded main clains. watch yourself paki. 7 plus ones in one pkri god dam yall know pray was on right?
  7. ooof looks like team 28 took a beating from everyone today lmfao! gfz my pink friends good action!
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